Homeless or about to be homeless and need help?

I urge you to please visit the International Homeless Forums at and post there on the region-appropriate board with information about your situation and the assistance you are seeking (you can even tell them that Bri from tGGtH sent you, if you like!)  I am located in SoCal and so know very little about region-specific resources and programs across the rest of the state, country or globe; however, the homeless forums are the absolute most comprehensive global resource that I am aware of.  If there is a local program available to you (even an obscure one), you’ll almost certainly find information about it there, or find somebody on the boards who can point you in the right direction.


Interested in participating in World Homeless Day on 10/10/11?

Woohoo; excellent!  Find out more at or contact Jon Glackin via with your inquiry.



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