Quickie: L.A. Times Writer Andrew Malcolm Clearly Quite Uninformed

This article makes my blood boil. You may wonder why, since it seems pretty straightforward until you read the last 3 lines:

Michelle Obama serves food to D.C. poor and homeless, but…

What a jerk. I want to know, Mr. Malcolm – exactly what is so “bothersome” about a homeless man scraping up some resources for himself, resources which are clearly quite useful as a means to get himself back on his feet? A cell phone costs far less than an apartment. Or perhaps this is even a resource which he had prior to becoming homeless – did you ever consider the possibility that he is a casualty of the hot economic mess that Bush landed us in? What exactly is he supposed to do, sell off any and all useful possessions upon losing his home, so that he can fit into your definition of poverty?

Would you like him better if he was dirtier, hungrier, perhaps mumbling to himself or pushing a shopping cart down the street full of random odds and ends?

How dare he own a cell phone, the better with which to receive job offers, or to dial 9-1-1 should he be endangered?!

*shakes head*

Some of the reader comments on the story infuriate me just as much – one reader even stated that the phone must be stolen! Unbelievable.

Reaching California EDD Massively Sucks

This is the exact problem that I have been having all morning trying to get through to the California Employment Development Department:

Californians Battle Swamped State Phone Lines to Get Jobless Benefits

Yes, all morning. We’re talking over five hours of back-to-back phone calls. The EDD doesn’t even put you in a “hold” queue until a representative is available, you just get a recorded message essentially saying “there’s a lot of calls, sucks to be you, try back later!” and then… disconnection.


I haven’t received my extended benefits forms yet. The EDD website says to call if you haven’t received them within 10 days. It’s been over 2 weeks and I could really use the funds. I have tried various number combos posted online to get through, none of them are working… On one forum, they suggested calling the foreign language line – I just may try it, because nothing else is getting me to a representative.

Anyway, if anyone else out there is feeling like bashing your head against a wall over this, you are not alone.

Short post, maybe I’ll update later tonight… my therapist just called to inform me that I forgot my session this morning, so I frantically rescheduled and now I’m running over there. Yes, I know. Homeless with a shrink. Only in California ;) Maybe this evening, when things settle down, I’ll go into why although I’ve pared down a lot of stuff in my life due to this circumstance, I feel good mental health is more important than ever, and is worth continuing to pay for.

Quickie: Laguna Beach – Homeless Can Sleep There!

City’s Homeless Can Sleep On Beach, For Now

Laguna Beach recently repealed a law prohibiting sleeping on public property, following a civil rights lawsuit alleging that it criminalized homelessness. One more option for you if you’re an OC resident looking for a place to sleep without being harassed by police. As always, be safe and don’t isolate yourself if you can avoid it.