Happy Father's Day (And A Few News Links)

Happy Fathers’ Day to all my readers who are dads, stepdads, adopted dads, father figures, etc.  May your children continue to enrich your lives!

And also, a few quick weekend news links:

Starbucks is offering free, unlimited wireless to all customers starting July 1st! If you’ve read a lot of this blog, you know that I (and many other homeless people) already spent plenty of time in Starbucks, in what seemed to be an unofficial don’t-ask-them-to-leave policy.  But now they’re making it official!  Woot.  For the price of a $1.50 cup of coffee, you too can have an air-conditioned place to groove on a couch all day.  (Also tested and approved for starving college students.)

Sacramento County in California may completely abandon all homeless services within two months, unless more money is scrounged up to add to their budgets.  This will mean shelter beds for 3,000 homeless men, women, and children disappearing, resulting in their being put out on the streets.

And finally, the Associated Press reports that the total number of chronic homeless is down 30% from 2006, but the number of homeless families is up and increasing, as is the length of time that homeless families stay overnight in shelters.

Some Homeless News and a Shameless Plug

So things are pretty slow here.  Book is finished but I’m waiting on them to get through the usual string of legal procedures ‘n all that jazz.  I guess none of the exciting stuff starts until after that.  I’m feeling mighty tired of late, even when I don’t have any reason to be, and I’m starting to wonder if perhaps I have the hypoglycemia that runs in my family (both my mother and sister have been diagnosed with it, and my grandfather has diabetes).  I feel more exhausted than I’ve ever felt in my life, just completely sapped of energy.  I want to get checked out for it but have to wait until I can afford health insurance, yay.

Some interesting articles I’ve come across that pertain to homelessness either directly or tangentially:

Some companies openly admit to ignoring all résumés from unemployed candidates, effectively discriminating against those who have, for instance, been laid off due to no fault of their own.  Or any other reason – and there are dozens of legitimate reasons to be unemployed.  Hell, the long-term unemployed (6 months or longer) have surged to 46% of unemployed individuals during the recession; the highest percentage EVER on record (records date all the way back to 1948).

This isn’t normal.  These people need jobs.  And the hiring companies are rubbing it in their face that they won’t even be considered. Many are including it in the job description advertisements:  ”Client will not consider/review anyone NOT currently employed regardless of the reason.”  It doesn’t matter how skilled or qualified you are, you will be discriminated against on the basis of employment status.  One HR representative interviewed in the article is quoted:  ”It’s our preference that they currently be employed…We typically go after people that are happy where they are and then tell them about the opportunities here.

So companies would rather go poaching employees from other companies, employees who are happy where they are, than dip into the masses of qualified unemployed who need to work in order to feed their family, to keep their house.  Yet, I bet these same companies are shaking their heads, tsk tsk-ing about the recession, what a massive effect it’s had on America, and when will it all just end already?  When will the economy right itself?  For shame.  They’re such a huge part of the problem.

I’m shocked that there aren’t laws against this type of discrimination.  Prepare yourself for an increasing number of phony résumés, employers.  That’s all that you’re really accomplishing here.  Hell, if I were unemployed and my only shot at a job that I was fully qualified for was “stretching the truth” and saying that I currently had a job…would I lie?  I’m not going to say I wouldn’t.  Desperation can do that to a person.  I don’t advocate lying, but I can’t say that I would judge any desperate, qualified individual who can work and wants to work, but is being discriminated against due to circumstances beyond his or her control.  It’s disgusting.

On a brighter note, New York City has abandoned its widely-decried plan to charge working homeless people rent for shelter services.  So, that’s something.  Instead, shelter beneficiaries with jobs will be required to set aside a percentage of their earnings every month in a savings account that they will have access to once they leave the shelter system.  This will provide them with accrued savings in the bank once they transition into permanent housing.  It’s still not perfect, but it’s quite a big step, and I like the initiative.

And now for my shameless plug:  I have to sell my engagement ring, and my ex-fiancé’s engagement ring as well.  I’m very conflicted about it, but better that I get it over with.  Out of sight, out of mind, right?  Besides, I could always use the money, of course.  So, if anybody out there is interested in antique jewelry, or in engagement rings in particular, please feel free to consider mine – I’ve linked to the eBay listings.  If you’re a serious buyer, please also feel free to email any questions to me at info@girlsguidetohomelessness.com.

The female engagement ring is a French, platinum/gold diamond ring circa 1899-1900, the turn of the century (and the time and setting of Moulin Rouge, one of my favorite movies!)  The year in which it was crafted straddles three of my favorite time periods – the Victorian, Edwardian, and Art Nouveau eras.  It features a center diamond entwined by softly curving diamond-set “vines” that are an excellent example of early Art Nouveau style, which would morph later that decade into the characteristic “whiplash” curves that we think of today.  You can tell that I just love this stuff, don’t you?  Antique style really speaks to my heart, especially Art Nouveau, which is highly derivative of nature and feminity.  The pictures aren’t the greatest, but that’s because I’ve got a crap camera.  For serious buyers, I can attempt to take a video of the ring, which might not be a great deal better, but at least should do a clearer job of capturing the fire of the diamonds.

The man’s ring I haven’t yet listed, but it will probably go up tonight or tomorrow.  I’ll update here once photos are posted and link to the listing.  It is a large Georgian signet ring made of bloodstone (dark green stone with flecks of red), circa 1820-1830.  It’s set in gold and framed by two serpents twined into infinity symbols.  Serpents were Georgian era symbols of love, commitment, fertility, and wisdom.  Bloodstone is known as the “stone of courage” and supposedly revitalizes love, relationships, and friendships.  The stone was also used in healing and protection by the ancient Egyptians, Aztecs, and Greeks.  I don’t particularly believe in any of the new-agey or spiritual stuff, obviously, but it’s fascinating history nonetheless, and that’s what I love the most.

Sooooo…yeah.  Also, both rings will be heavily featured in the book coming out next Fall, so if your future intended is of a literary bent and wants to brag that he or she owns a ring from a book, well, now’s your chance.  Otherwise, it’s just a fantastic ring for history buffs and antique/vintage lovers.  If one of my blog readers purchases it, let me know and I’ll even throw in a free signed copy of the book when it comes out!

OK, shameless plug over.  Now back to your regularly scheduled broadcasting.

R.I.P. Raymond Franz (1922-2010)

Many ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses are mourning tonight, myself included.  The author of Crisis of Conscience, Ray Franz, passed away this afternoon from a stroke/brain hemorrhage at the age of 88.

I never had the opportunity to meet Ray, though I had hoped to eventually.  He was a kind, humble man willing to give up everything in his world to walk away from an organization that he discovered was corrupt.

He and I would perhaps have disagreed on theology, but he and his books have done more than anyone else to help recovering JW survivors, and expose the inner workings of the cult from the highest level.  He never sought the limelight, and had only gentle and encouraging words for those who wrote to him, regardless of their religious beliefs.  Though I am not Christian, I believe that Ray Franz was the epitome of what a true Christian should be.

My condolences to his friends, family, readers, and especially his wife Cynthia.

(Happy) Homeless News of the Day – A Large-Scale Recyclable Clothing Program and a Garden

Image credit: New York Times

One from the U.S. and one from the U.K. today!

The New York Times reports that NYC is instigating a program in which convenient recycling bins will be placed throughout the city in order to make it easier to donate used clothing, rather than just throwing it away.  This could potentially double the amount of donations that local homeless shelters receive, right off the bat, and grow even further from there.  Unwearable clothing will be refashioned into “wiping cloths, insulation, and sound-dampening materials for cars, carpet padding or seat stuffing,” while buttons and zippers can be reused on new items of clothing.

This all means that over 90% of what is donated will be kept out of a landfill.  Plus, it’s a much more socially conscious option than, say, shredding old clothes so that homeless and impoverished individuals can’t use them. I commend NYC for taking this initiative!

* * * * *

You may also know that I’m an “honorary Englishwoman” after staying with my friend Vicki and her daughter Alice in London.  Well, the Chelsea Flower Show is taking place in Battersea Park, right next to her home (I went walking there with her several times).

There’s a formerly homeless, ex-heroin addict named Paul Pulford, aka “Scruffy”, featured on the BBC, along with his group, Grounded, who have taken part in the flower show this year. The group is comprised of current/former/recovering homeless, drug addicts, and those coping with mental illness.

I highly encourage you to watch the video at the link; it’s fascinating to see how a common interest as simple as gardening has helped this man and so many others come together and helped them turn their lives around.  The symbolism of them choosing mainly wildflowers and other unconventional plants that might otherwise be considered undesirable or “weeds” also was not lost on me.  Too many homeless individuals struggling with mental illness, drug abuse, or other horrific challenges are written off as impossible to help.  Scruffy and the Grounded participants prove that this is simply untrue.

You can read more about and see a 3D tour of Grounded’s garden, called Places of Change, here. Please take a few seconds out of your day to vote for Places of Change to win the People’s Choice Award at the Chelsea Flower Show. They came in second last year; I think this is their year to take first prize, don’t you?

* * * * *

P.S.  Still wading through my inbox; but I have created a Facebook account where readers can follow me, in addition to my Twitter account!  Thanks so much to everyone who’s asked to add my private page on FB, but my personal account is mainly for friends and coworkers that I know…I’m working on getting back to you all and thanking you for your sweet emails, and will be sending the link to the new FB account along in my responses, but in the meantime please feel free to just add me there!


Ya Go To Sleep At Night…

…And ya wake up in the morning on the front page of Yahoo! Or at least, that’s what several of the messages in my abnormally-extra-large-wall-o’-emails are telling me.

<——————I made this face, by the way.

Eep.  I will never get used to this when it happens.  Darn all of you awesome internet people with all of your awesome, kind support and awesome friendliness!  ;)

So, welcome to the newbies!  And thank you so much to the ones who’ve commented.  Now, I’ve gotta get to work answering emails!  Letters from homeless people and those needing directions to help/resources get answered first (and I’m even a couple of days behind on those!), so I’m über-sorry if it takes a few more days for me to get back to you!  I totally appreciate all of the kind words, support, and questions.

As always, I love my readers!  :)


I'm in U.S. News & World Report

Hey guys and gals,

Quick heads up; I’m mentioned in the intro to Rick Newman’s article, 10 Things We Can’t Live Without, in U.S. News & World Report. The article, he says, is about the “new American essentials that reflect the tension between thrift and materialism”.  He gives a quick synopsis of my story and even mentions the book.

I spoke to Mr. Rickman several months ago and had completely forgotten about it, but I guess the article did end up being published after all!  So check it out!  And if you’ve just found my site via the article; welcome!


The Book…Is Done.

Smiling mantis approves this message and applauds your effort.

Well, I can’t believe I actually did it.  The Girl’s Guide to Homelessness book…is finally done.

*Ride of the Valkyries theme*

Done donedonedonedone, Done donedonedonedone, Done donedonedooooooone…

Or at least, the first draft of it is done.  The first 100 pages have received rave reviews from agent and editor, now the rest has been sent off, and I await the feedback.  There will, doubtless, be rewriting required, or trimming, or whatever it is that they do to make a book bloom into existence.  I’m learning it all as I go along.

The completion of the first draft also means that they can move ahead in movie talks, and begin to formulate a screenplay.  I hear there are some brilliant screenwriters eager to come on board, who wrote a fantastic script that made its way onto the 2009 Hollywood Blacklist last year.  Contrary to my gut reaction, it has nothing to do with the McCarthy Era, but is instead a prestigious list of the most liked, as of yet unproduced, screenplays in Hollywood for that year.  Basically, they’re the ones considered on the shortlist to be snapped up and spun into Oscar bait.

So, that’s all exciting.  Although, I must keep in mind, the movie thing could go absolutely nowhere.  Always best not to count your chickens, and such and stuff.

But, the point is, I’ve finished the first draft of the book and I’m very pleased.  Now I can get back to focusing on important stuff like updating my blog more, creating my new network of other websites, and figuring out what to do next with my life.

As always, I greatly adore the readers who put up with me.  *Mwah!*


Mother's Day

I would like to recognize my readers on Mother’s Day – not only the mothers, adoptive mothers and stepmothers, but also those (all-too-often forgotten) women who have lost or miscarried a child.  Your baby existed.  You, too, are a loving mother.

I’ll never know the right things to say; perhaps there are no right things to say.  But you are recognized and appreciated.




When a baby arrives,
be it for a day, a month, a year or more,
or perhaps only a sweet flickering moment-
the fragile spark of a tender soul
the secret swell of a new pregnancy
the goldfish flutter known to only you-
you are unmistakeningly changed…
the tiny footprints left behind on your heart
bespeak your name as Mother.

A Little Gallows Humor Today…

Book Expo America

…I’m super busy finishing the book this weekend (really!), since there’s 3 weeks to deadline and I’ve been trying to overcome the mental blocks inherent in addressing some of the more painful aspects of my story.  In other words:  I’m trying to just bite the bullet and fecking WRITE THEM DOWN already, even if it hurts.  By the way, the book is being promoted in a couple of weeks at Book Expo America, May 25-27, complete with excerpts and everything.  Scary, right? So, I guess if you’re in NYC that weekend, stop by and check it out?

I’m concentrating so hard on getting that out of the way, I haven’t had much time recently to update the blog, though I’ve still been answering emails from homeless/about to become homeless people and helping out behind the scenes, where I can.

Thus, nothing on homelessness today, although for any fellow ex-JWs who frequent the blog, I did want to quickly post about my friend Kyria’s new Etsy shop.  Kyria is the author of I’m Perfect, You’re Doomed:  Tales from a Jehovah’s Witness Upbringing (which, by the way, they TOTALLY need to release in paperback!!!!!)  I’ve blogged before about her book and how I connected with it.

Well, now Kyria’s expanded into jewelry.  Specifically, apostate jewelry.  I MUST HAVE ONE OF THESE FOR MY CHARM BRACELET:

Yes, that is a keychain/pendant made from old JW literature, emblazoned with “Fuck You, Jehovah’s Witnesses” on it.  Here’s Kyria’s description from her Etsy shop:

Having trouble letting apocalyptic cult members understand how you feel about them? The subtle message of this keychain will help you express your deepest feelings while locking your front door.

Hand-cut and polished Lexan, this piece is a labor of love created by a card-carrying apostate and ex-Jehovah’s Witness. It’s double-sided, so even if it flips over, you will still look super fancy.

The images are taken from creepy old Jehovah’s Witness literature. The words and sentiments are my own.

Each piece is handmade and possesses its own character, soul, and imperfections.

It measures approximately 1.5″ wide by 1.5″ high.

(Since each piece is made from scratch, custom orders will be considered, with any additional fees proportional to how much extra work is needed.)

Great for yard sales, district assemblies, bible studies, or the Memorial.

Personally, I think Kyria’s sitting on an untapped gold mine here.  I haven’t come across any other cult/apostate gear shops yet…she should expand into door mats, messenger bags, T-shirts, etc.

And door knockers.  Like this meme (careful before clicking, hilarious but not suitable for work or young children).

And, if Kyria were to ever run out of ex-Jehovah’s Witness customers with a sense of irony, she could always move on to creating gear for survivors of other cults!  Pass the kool-aid, please!

* * * * *

Coincidentally (or not), it is my little sister’s 24th birthday today.  Happy birthday, Brittany, even though you don’t believe it should be celebrated.  I do love you, and I celebrate the fact that you were born even though you believe I’m a raging heathen.  I will make a birthday wish and blow out a couple of candles for you:  my wish is that one day you truly research everything about your religion, everything that they don’t tell you, and learn to become a free thinker.  Because you do deserve so much better than what they have to offer you.

Graphic Surveillance Footage – Dying Homeless Hero Ignored by 25 Onlookers

There’s wrong, and then there’s horrifying.  This week, a homeless man named Hugo Alfredo Tale-Yax rescued a woman attacked at 5:40 a.m. in Jamaica, Queens.  The assailant stabbed Tale-Yax several times in the chest and fled, as did the woman.  She did not even bother to call 911 and report the attack on the man who had just saved her life.

The surveillance video above shows Tale-Yax stumbling a few steps and pitching face-forward onto the pavement.  Within a minute of the attack, the first onlooker walks through the frame, turning briefly to look at Tale-Yax, lying in a pool of blood, and then continuing on his way.  He was the first of 25 passers-by who would do so.  Many leaned down to look at the dying man, one chillingly snapped a cell phone pic, and another bent down and shook the body checking for life.  All of these people then continued about their business without dialing 911.

It would be 1 hour and 45 minutes later when firefighters discovered his body.  The worst part?  They discovered it while responding to a 911 call for a completely different, non-life-threatening emergency in the area.  That’s right, not a single person ever bothered to report Tale-Yax bleeding out his life onto the pavement.


This is such a sad commentary on how little the life of a homeless (or even “apparently” homeless, as it is impossible to conclusively tell by appearances alone) person means nowadays.  This man was a hero, and even the victim he rescued cared nothing for his plight.  Did she even give him a second thought after she escaped, after she watched him take a knife to the heart for her?  I guess not.

This story is particularly difficult for me to handle.  I visited NYC a few years ago with my family, and again a couple of months ago for the Today Show.  I loved it there.  Despite all of the stories I had heard about jaded, rude New Yawkers, I was pleased to discover that the reports had been greatly exaggerated.  Yes, the pace of things was rushed beyond anything I had ever experienced living in SoCal, but my overall experience with the natives was that the gruff exteriors hid a heart of gold.  Every single person I met was more than happy to stop and give me directions, explain the subway system, take a photo for me, etc.

I just can’t wrap my head around that kind of dichotomy – that 25 people, most of whom would have gladly taken 5 minutes to tell me where the Z train goes…wouldn’t take 30 seconds to dial 911 for a dying man.  Would it have been the same for a woman?  A man in an expensive bankers’ suit?  A wounded dog or kitten?! Would they have walked around those bodies too?  Would they have snapped cell phone photos without once thinking to call for help?  I wish I could think that this attitude towards homeless individuals as non-entities, as somehow less than people, was the exception rather than the rule.  But 25 people in a row – that speaks otherwise.  How many more would there have been, if the firefighters hadn’t stumbled across the body?  How many people would it have taken, before a single one demonstrated a shred of conscience and humanity?

This is not only shameful; it’s outrageous.  These people know perfectly well who they are, and I hope it haunts them that they didn’t even lift the smallest finger for this hero.  After putting his own life on the line for a stranger, he deserved so much more than the disgusting treatment he received in his final hour.  Less compassion than would have been shown a wounded animal on the street.  Nice.  Real nice.