3rd Annual World Homeless Day

3rd Annual World Homeless Day

Welp, today is the 3rd Annual World Homeless Day/World Homeless Action Day, and the internet is blowing up:


I’ll try to compile a list of media coverage and post it here in the next day or so.  It’s still so surreal to see your brainchild expand like this out of such tiny grassroot beginnings!  There’s a lot of talk about making it “World Homeless Action Month”, which I would love to see happen – October is also “World Mental Health Day”, and as you might imagine, there’s obviously a lot of tie-in potential there.

In any event, no rest for the wicked – now that 10/10/12 has come, tomorrow our steering group will turn around and start gearing up for 10/10/13.  Looking forward to another awesome year with you guys – all the gratitude in the world to our amazing steering group and the advocates and organizations around the world who participate and help make this come together by putting their time and energy into organizing events, in addition to their round-the-clock work on behalf of the homeless population.  And a special shout out to my WHD/WHAD co-founder and head organizer extraordinaire Jon Glackin (aka “Beat on the Streets”) who works ceaselessly and tirelessly all year long and practically never sleeps because he’s too busy thinking of new ways to promote and spread World Homeless Day – all on a voluntary, unpaid basis, as has been the case since its inception.  I love ya, doll.  *hug*

* * *

As for me, I’ve been pretty quiet, because I’ve been moving.  I’d lived at my last apartment for a year and was about to renew my lease, then the owner ended up dropping the bombshell that he was selling the property.  Like, right away.  (Turns out, it wasn’t what you’d call “up to code”.  Sigh.)  The closing date on the property meant that I had a week and a half to find a new place, but it ended up working out, as I requested and was given rental abatement and relocation assistance to make up for the last-second rush (*phew*).  I actually love the new apartment; it’s got a lot more room for Fez and I and is significantly more affordable for the amenities that it includes, though my commute to work is further.  To make up for it, I’m selling Kermit and getting a more reliable car.  So, you know, constantly trying to work my way towards the stability that I crave, but all signs are looking good at the moment  :-P

So that’s where I’ve been if you were wondering.  I’ve got a couple of events coming up in November, also, so as soon as I have exact dates and addresses nailed down, I’ll let you know which cities I’ll be dropping into  ;)

Oh, and I was on HuffPost Live on Monday!  The conversation was about homeless voting and how many of the new voter ID laws popping up across the nation are disenfranchising the homeless/poor/ethnic/veteran population.  It was an awesome group and a lovely, civil discussion.  I feel privileged to have been a part of a panel of such wonderful and hardworking advocates!

Along those lines…the U.S. Presidential Election is less than a month away.  If you’re qualified, get out there and VOTE.  This will be my first year voting (I registered last month and I’m super proud and excited to finally take part and have a say in the outcome of this election).


  1. Way to go, Brianna! Good work with your blogging and working with and for the homeless.

    Yeah, keep Fez, sell the car. Works for me! ^__^

    I know what you mean by getting out to vote. I, too, have been voting only recently, and for the same reasons as you, perhaps. It was the way I was raised.

    • Yes, it was the way I was raised as well. Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t vote, or even follow politics. It’s not allowed and you can be “disfellowshipped” for it. I’m so excited to finally be voting, a decade after turning “legal” ;)

      • teachermama says:

        But in your book you say that you voted for Obama in his first presidential election.
        Now I am wondering if the book is part fiction. Maybe memoirs can fictionalize some things?

        • Nope, look again! It says I “rooted” for him to win the election, which I did, though I was not registered to vote. :)

  2. Hi Brianna, nice to meet you and to have found your site. I am so happy that things have turned around for you and that you are on a very inspiring path. I am probably where you were during your homeless time right now at this point in my life. Homelessness can happen at a drop of a dime and catch you off guard. It can really test the limits of your sanity and faith. I am so glad that you made it through and I ask that you say a prayer to the universe for me.

    Take Care,


  3. Serenity sister says:

    I just finished reading your book. It is late at night but I just had to finish. I’m sure you have been there before. I just recently lost my job. I was a store manager of a chain retail store that was closed. This is scary! I have always had a job since I was 15, I am now 35. I bought your book awhile ago but placed it on my bookshelf. I decided to start reading it a few days ago. Funny how things happen. If I had read it when I first bought the book it would not have impacted the way it has. I am wondering how your life is now since your last blog was quite awhile ago. Hope you are well!

  4. Trying to get through your book. Much sympathy for the bi-polar mom you were dealt. That’s a rough life.

    However, I’m baffled by some of your decision making skills and not sure I can get through the book for the fact I’m rolling my eyes in disbelief at some of the questionable decisions you make during your early homelessness. Spending money on a plane ticket and hotel to hook up with a guy from half the world away who has a baby on the way with a half-wit!? Wow. Irresponsible. Yeah, I’m being judgmental. Perhaps it all works out for you two and you fall in “real” love and get married. But I had to put the book down for a while because I lost a lot of respect for an otherwise seemingly brilliant girl. I’ll probably pick it back up and see how it turns out, but wow…just wow.

  5. I’ve been wanting to write a memoir for while, it wasn’t until I read your book that I knew there was actual hope. While my professors said it might actually be successful, I didn’t believe it. Yet here I am thanks to you attempting to write my life out through blog. I hope you might be so kind as to look at it or even possibly endorse it.

    From one shabby life to another. Thank you.

  6. I see there has been no update by the author here since October 2012. Though there are more recent comments from readers, they remain unanswered. Is Brianna still involved with this? Can we who have just discovered this site and her her book expect an update at some time?

    I’ve worked with people, both families and individuals, in northern Illinois for several years and went through a brief period of homelessness with my own parents and siblings back int he 1960′s when I was 16. I’m very interested in people’s stories and the complexities of how they find themselves where they do. Now I’m wondering where Brianna may have found herself since her last entry in this blog in 2012.


    • Hi, I still co-run World Homeless Day but also work a 9-5 job now along with some other projects (I sometimes do speaking engagements at homelessness summits, etc.), so there is very little time available to update the blog. Also, I am no longer homeless, so although I leave the site up for people to read, it would feel kind of weird posting much on “The Girl’s Guide to Homelessness” at this point. ;) To follow WHD activities or ask about ways to participate, our Facebook page is a great place to get started:


      World Homeless Day takes place on 10/10 of every year and we just had our fifth annual WHD in October! We’re now in our sixth year and amazed at how it has grown and taken off!


      • curiousbookreader says:

        are you thinking of doing another book Bri? I believe a lot of people miss hearing from you through your blog…..

  7. Brianna, I read your book a few years ago because my daughter became homeless for a while and I wanted to see from someone else what it was like. It was so good that I couldn’t put it down. I loved it. I’m wondering if you have ever heard from that guy again or followed up to see if you could find him or tried to confront him. Also are you in contact with the people you ended up staying with when you lost your baby? Just really curious.
    Thanks for your time.

  8. Brianna, I read your book and I loved it! The peace, love, and struggle are so inspiring in the book. I enjoyed reading it
    because I never wanted to put it down. It was very eventful and heartwarming story. You are really being a big help to the homeless community by writing your book and having a blog. Your story will really help others overcome being homeless. It was very well written and a well done book.

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