It’s World Homeless Day!

Today is the 2nd Annual World Homeless Day/World Homeless Action Day.  We’re really proud of what we’ve accomplished.

(Please consider using the hashtag #morethanwords today on Twitter to help get WHAD trending.)

As a co-founder, it’s weird (and cool!) to see how far the day has spread and the ingeniously creative ways so many homeless services organizations are taking the concept and running with it, along with the endorsement of celebs such as Crystal Bowersox, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim All-Star outfielder Vernon Wells, and John Mellencamp (for his second year in a row – much thanks for his support!)  Check out some of the coverage and participation WHAD is getting (will be adding here throughout the day):|topnews|text|Frontpage|newswell|text|Prep%20Sports|s



  1. I am creating a page which documents the many brutal
    homeless camp closings in California:

    California Homelessness Reporter

    Please let me know if you hear of any more!

  2. Kennedy Blackburn says:

    Hi Brianna! I read your book and really enjoyed it. The book was well written, very eventful, and also heart warming. I think you are helping so many people who are homeless because it really is a problem in the US. I loved your story on how you dealt with being homeless so well, it’s very inspiring to hear! You also stayed very positive in the book even though there was a lot of struggle. The peace, love, and struggle really make your book very encouraging and inspiring to read.



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