If you’re a regular reader, you may have noticed over the past few days a few tweaks to the site.

For instance, I now have a nifty little calendar in the sidebar counting down the weeks (two) to book launch. Social media buttons have randomly and handily manifested from thin air at the bottom of each post for your sharing convenience. There are two new tabs at the top of the site, one listing info and reviews for the Girl’s Guide to Homelessness book and one boasting a stunning feat of magnificence that I like to call a “tour schedule with interactive map” (note:  both of these items are powered by insanely self-explanatory widgets and it still took me a few days to figure out how to set them up.)

You might be forgiven for assuming that my site is undergoing a facelift for the book tour.  Because I am a very forgiving and benevolent person.  And also because that assumption is a completely correct one. But mostly the forgiving and benevolent part.

The changes you see on the site currently are as far as I was able to figure out with my sluggishly-moving and not-very-technically-oriented brain.  However, there will also be a few more noticeable layout changes this week, and the site may have short periods of downtime for scheduled maintenance. Sorry; but I assure you it’s all for a good cause and the final result will ostensibly be quite awesome and all worth it.

I have entrusted the very kind and brilliant Adam Warner with the switching over of the layout.  Adam runs, and he stumbled across me when I was just a little barebones bloglet running not on WordPress, but on that other platform-which-shall-not-be-named.  He purchased me a free domain (this one) and helped me get a much less hideous and more professional blog (this one) off the ground.  If you’re looking to start a website and are as technically inept as I, know that he comes highly recommended from me for all of your website-building and WordPress needs.  Because of Adam, I know what a widget is.  (Also because of Adam, I also don’t even need to know what a widget is because he’s a genius at fixing things when I paint myself into a corner and freak out because I’ve been staring at the laptop screen for three hours and it refuses to conform itself to my will.)  You can hear me interview with Adam about WordPress and the importance of social media in blogging here.

So yeah; point is, with all of the exciting changes and the upcoming tour, it’s time for some updates to the site.  Since tweeting about the tour schedule today, I have been inundated with requests to know whether I will be appearing in L.A. / Seattle / Chicago / Phoenix / New Mexico / Canada / Europe / NYC / Portland / etc. etc. etc.  The answer to that is:  Probably / Maybe / Possibly / Hopefully / OK, So I Don’t Really Know Yet / etc. etc.

Please know that the tour has only just started being scheduled, so what you see right now on the map is by no means the extent of it.  I’ll be updating the map constantly every time I find out about a new radio/TV/reading/book signing event.  I do know that it’s likely I’ll be doing readings and events in many of the major cities throughout the U.S. and possibly Canada, but I have no way of predicting for sure which ones until they’re scheduled.  So for anybody in the U.S. who wants to know, “are you coming to [insert city here]???”, the only 100% accurate response I can give is “I sure as hell hope so.”  As for Europe and such, right now, the book is only available in North America, though eventually the goal is definitely to make it available internationally. Don’t worry; I swear I’m working on it.  Patience, beloved Euro-followers!

In the meantime, you guys can do one thing if you’d like to meet me in your city (well, besides create a huge demand for the book, obviously!)  If you have a book club, class, or other group for which you’d like to book a discussion or speaking engagement…I’d love to hear from you!  I’m available to do in-person meetups, Skype calls, online chats, Q&A sessions, and the like. It’s really important to me to reach out to as many people as possible, talk about homelessness, and get your feedback on the book. So by all means, drop me a line if that’s something you’d be interested in, and we’ll find a way to schedule it and make it happen.

Talk soon, guys and gals.  Love ya, as always!


  1. Bri~ this is all so WAY COOL!!! Am loving the new look with all the gizzmos – FABU! Can’t wait to see new blogs from the road – “The World According to Brianna…” Gotta LOVE it!!!

    Have you been doing finger exercises to get them in shape for all of the upcoming book signings? Here’s an example:

  2. Dear Brianna,

    Just dropping by to let you know that I just finished your book. I have to admit that I thought it would be more guide-like, you know… if you encounter this, do that… something like that. But I did like your book! It is true that homeless people are treated like the have, or even are, a disease to society, like homelessness is contagious. I have to admit that I almost never have given change to a homeless person because I was prejudged and thought they would be buying drugs from it. And while this might be true in some cases, you helped me realize that this isn’t true for all homeless people. So thank you for writing this book and sharing your story. I feel for you and I hope you will have good things in your future. I will put a review up on my blog soon to help you spread the word!

  3. Scott Johnson says:

    Brianna, I really appreciate your good and kind sense. I see alot of things in life as a garbageman in Indiana. You really have help however open my eyes over these issues. Thanks, Scott

  4. john nanney says:

    Hey Girl,
    My name is John and I do understand some of what you are going threw and have gone threw.I myself have been and am at this time trying to overcome homelessness.It is harder than most can image.I am a vet and have been lucky enough to find a program that is try to help.The reason I am write this is to send you my prayers and hope,hang in there life will get better.

  5. hi brianna, i just finished you’re book. i have to tell you i was so impressed with you’re strength, determination and resoursefullness, through out you’re story. though i did not end up homeless(yet) out backgrounds are so similar that it is uncanny. i to, was raised a j.w. and bear the emotional scars to prove it. i ran away from home at 17 to escape the day in, day out dogma. i am older then you. ( i was a child of the 70′s), but i can i sure relate to things like being dragged by the hair up flights of stairs for my ‘bible’ study,also being threatened on a daily basis with ‘demon invasion’ if i didnt tow the bibical line. we even kind of look alike and are the same size. the only difference is that you were light years smarter then me at youre age. any way….aside from being a wonderful read i cant express how much you’re book resonated with me. honey, i wish you nothing but happiness and success in you’re future. oh yeah, and a man that is worthy of you. hold on to that tough fighting spirit brianna. you’re going to go places. best wish’s, lisa

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