Happy Holiday Wintery Season-ness From Bri and Fez!

Everybody seems to be posting holiday pics and sending out Christmas cards en masse, so allow me to contribute to the pile.  Fezzik, of course, looks typically stoic and dignified and embarrassed to be wearing a silly hat.  That’s a Neo mastiff for you.  He’s almost 5 years old now, so he’s starting to get a little grey around the muzzle…poor sweetie.  I think it goes with the wintery season.

I’m not gonna be celebrating this year, though.  Being an ex-Jehovah’s Witness, I did/do want to.  You know, the tree, the colorful ornaments, the tinsel, the eggnog and general pervasive warm fuzziness. I’ve kind of got that longing for my first perfect Christmas in my head, even though I’m an atheist now so I suppose it really shouldn’t matter all that much…but it does.  Call it romanticism or love of tradition or whatever you will.  I do want to experience the holiday, on a purely secular level.  But I think I need to skip it for the next few years.

Last year I tried for the perfect white, romantic Christmas, and instead I ended up thrust against my will into the midst of hell x 12.  Christmas/New Year right now are more trauma triggers for me than anything else, and I need to avoid them until I can handle them.  Which is likely to be a loooong while. I just can’t deal with the stuff haunting me at this time, so naturally, I’ll hide indoors and ignore it after this blog post.  (Because nothing says “I excel at coping with horrific tragedy in a healthy and rational manner” like pulling the old ostrich maneuver.)

Still, I want to wish all of you a Merry/Happy/Joyous/Pleasant/Safe Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Holiday, Winter Solstice, Yuletide, Generic Snowy Weather, and whatever other seasonally-appropriate greetings that Wikipedia can generate for me in a single hasty fell swoop.  So I let Sage play around and test her new photo studio on me and Fez; ergo, the above photo.  Ironically, my mom gave me that scarf, which I really love because it’s very Christmassy/autumny/cornucopia-esque.  And has dangling, multi-hued, crimpy stringy bits.

Enjoy your families and friends and presents and holiday cheer and snow and love and joy and happiness and sparkly Christmas ornaments!  And also, if you’re in Orange County, go see your local production of A Christmas Carol!  The theatre I’m about to start working at is putting it on.  And if slightly raunchier/edgy adult humor is more your thing, check out the Chance Theatre’s production of Eight:  The Reindeer Monologues.  They stage it annually.  It’s tradition.  And also the funniest thing ever.

I was supposed to start tomorrow, but they have to run a background check to make sure I’m not a criminal mastermind or possibly a wily, evil genius con artist like Leo DiCaprio in Catch Me If You Can.  I filled out the paperwork today but it hasn’t come back yet.  Rats.  Probably tomorrow.  It’ll be nice to have work to drown myself in.  I really, really want to work full-time again and I can’t wait  :)  I was getting so damn sick of random, unreliable temp/freelance junk.

Aaaaaaand…I’m off on a tangent.  Steering sharply back to finish off with blog topic:  Happy Holidays!


  1. Listen honey – 2011 is going to be a fabulous year with loads to look forward to – so just enjoy all the festive food and drinks and extra TV shows and films and sod the rest – plus I’m so loving all the new pictures honey your hair looks fabulous

  2. Don’t worry about the holidays! Some years I run away from them to somewhere warm and try to forget them. One year I went to Key West and had a blast. Walking on Duvall Street on Christmas eve seeing all the drag queens dressed to the nines was a trip! So do whatever feels right for you!

  3. Thanks Bre,
    As a Christian AND being homeless I miss my OWN home and tree and tradition that I have had since my son was born. He just turned 29.
    I love tradition however I could just as easily( even after getting a home some day) go to my church, have communion, read Luke 2 of the birth of the Messaih, do an indepth study or read someone elses study of how the birth was predicted including the astrology and scientific analysis’s. THEN I could be thankful for THAT day and go on with the rest of the “Holidays” as normal days and perhaps excape to somewhere.

  4. I’ve had some wonderful holidays (like when my girls were young) and some ones from hell (like when the police, my grandfather, stepfather and my wonderful dad kicked my horrid first husband out in the snow on Christmas day for me) so just celebrate life and try not to plan ‘perfect’ because that always just happens when you least expect it!

    Happy new job and life to you, hon! :)

  5. LOVE the photo w/ Fez, Bri! Hey, how’s the toe doing?

    Seems like holidays can sure be challenging for a lot of us. I tend to do the Humbug, thing in public, barking @ store clerks who say, “Merry Christmas,” with, “What makes you think I’m a Christian?” (I’m an interfaith minister, which encompasses all religions, so I always see my role as promoting the concept of “inclusion” – by saying “Happy Holidays” vs the ethnocentric “Merry Christmas.”) In private, I usually find something completely unholiday-esque to work on (a project) & wait for the New Year to arrive, which is really what I celebrate – mostly by reading over my goals from the past year & making new ones. Over the years these “goals” have become more & more vague/ethereal…

    Here’s to reality being overrated – cheers!

    PS-Have a great time w/ your new job, Bri – its quite wonderful news!

    • The toe is doing much better; thank you! I kept it bandaged for a couple of days and wore oversized crocs until the swelling went down…the nail seems to be growing back on, or however it works. It doesn’t really hurt anymore unless I bump it against anything.

      Looks like the new job won’t start until Monday…California background check came back free and clear, glowing references, etc., but they also need to run a background check in NC since I spent a brief time period there. Apparently NC is really slow about returning background checks and it can take something like 3 days. They’re hoping to have it back tomorrow or Friday. I just can’t wait to start.

  6. VA Legal Secretary says:


    I enjoy your honesty and upbeat writing. I’m so glad to hear you found full-time work, it gives me hope that I will too. Now back to sending out resumes to the few jobs posted this week. Enjoy your new job!

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