Because We Are Nerds. That Is All.

These are my two absolute bestest friends in the whole entire world; Brandon and Sonia.  They took me to Medieval Times! Because Sonia had never been. And because we are dorks.

Our knight was hot, yet inept in battle.  His squire was hot and…overall…ept.  Very ept. Tantalizingly so.  Yum.  And they were totally crushing on us.  We screamed really loud and they threw us a flower.

(Because we are nerdy, geeky dorks.)

I’m debating whether to crack a corny “Three Musketeers” joke.  But no.  I won’t go that far.  Ye may breathe a sigh of relief.

Brandon is the one in the DeLorean shirt. Sonia is the one with the fabulous tan. I am the one sans fabulous tan.

This is from about two weeks back, but it just popped up on Sonia’s Facebook feed for me, and it makes me feel happy and sunshiney, so I’m posting it even though it has nothing to do with homelessness.

Everybody should now go out and wear goofy hats this week, in solidarity.  So I have decreed it; so it shall be.  Sally forth, young (wo)man, and make it so!


  1. Love it! =) I went to a show like that once. It was pretty awesome. Thanks for making me laugh, this very sleepless night.

  2. Love it ……. plus the fact you all do Ye Olde England theme dinners

  3. We have the Texas Renaissance Festival here. I haven’t gone in recent years, because of the wall to wall people!

    Y’all look very “Royal”. Perhaps Prince William is missing out!

  4. I once interviewed for Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede dinner theater show and made it through three rounds of intense group interviews.

    At the end, the manager told me congrats and that she would call to setup my schedule. I told her…”It was really cheesy but a lot of fun.” I knew by her look that was the wrong thing to say…I never got that call about my schedule;)

  5. Oh yeah, and speaking of Nerds, it’s OK to be one. In fact, it’s more than OK, we should all be embracing our Nerdiness:)
    Nerdcore iOS App.

  6. I went to one in Vegas my daughter couldn’t understand eating with her hands when we trying to teach her the knife and fork thing,lots of fun though,glad you had fun…Chuck

  7. Glad to hear you are having fun and looking forward to your book! Did you loose more weight? You look fabulous!

  8. Kelly Kirkman says:

    Gongrats on the JOB…………..You go Girl.

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