Happy Thanksgiving, Readers!

Happy Thanksgiving (or similar holiday, if you celebrate) to everybody! May your turkey (or tofurkey, or Chinese takeout food, or whatever you’re into, really) be tasty!!!

I am dogsitting for two Dachsunds in San Bernardino (Sage took on too many petsitting clients to handle over the holiday, so I’m one of the ones pitching in to help her cover them all). Their owners are on a cruise until Sunday.  So I’ve got a nice warm house and a big TV with cable to keep me entertained for a few days!  It’s kind of out in the middle of nowhere, so very quiet.  Also, I’m right at the base of the mountains, so on Monday went up 18 miles to Lake Arrowhead and had breakfast in this little town called Crestline where everybody knows everybody.  There was snow covering all of the trees and windy roads and cabins and it was so gorgeous!  Where I’m staying for the week, though, there’s no snow…just been quite a bit of rain, which I also love!

Feeling a bit sick for a couple of days; wonder if maybe I caught a cold in the mountains or something. Did a lot of sleeping though, and getting a little better.  Otherwise, having a fab holiday!  I wish the same to all of my loyal friends and readers  :-)  I’m thankful for you guys!



  1. Happy Turkey to you too!

  2. Yes, hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  3. God Bless You and Yours on this wonderful Thanksgiving. We have a lot to be Thankful for. You are lucky you have a pal like Sage, who will put you to work, here and there.

  4. Please do enjoy your holiday & I pray the same for all your readers. Having been homeless 2005-2009 I write a blog on behalf of the homeless. I put this post up a few days ago for my readers who feel, as we all have at times, they’re facing a problem they can’t get past.

    I learned from 4+ years living in an old car there IS an answer available: http://atmyfriendsplace.com/got-problems-you-cant-solve

  5. Happy Thanksgiving, Bri!

  6. Happy and a healthy turkey to you also

  7. Sounds like a lovely place, Bri (except for the being sick part!). Here’s a link to my favorite TG skit to date: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jF_F_zuL4Ik&feature=player_embedded#!

    And, it looks like we have survived “Black Friday” as well. Here is a glance @ Capitalism on steroids: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2zBWjlkKDpA&feature=player_embedded

    Am now in the midst of writing an article for “National Homeless Person’s Memorial Day 12/21″ – what will you be doing for that day, Bri?

  8. Hope your feeling better honey xxx

  9. I need to get my daughter, in her early 30′s, to write a book about her similiar homeless story. She is so personable, outgoing, charismatic, caring, and has been such an excellent petsitter (for the past 10 years) that she has to turn people down. She is also very attractive. So, why is she homeless? Well, she isn’t anymore, but was by choice for 5 years in the last decade in order to be able to keep paying towards her credit card debt, and choose to do that instead of pay rent. She camped when she wasn’t housesitting. The house/petsitting stories she tells others are so hysterical that she is always told she has to write about them. This is one of those “Blindside” stories: God has something very special for her in the future. She is a terrific communicator and funny – one of those “life of the party”. Proud mom

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