And Now We Play the Waiting Game…

Had the Dream Job interview today, with a very well-known, prestigious, cutting-edge performing arts center. I *think* it went far better than I ever could have hoped, but we’ll see…Sometimes you feel like you really knocked an interview out of the park and are super-confident that the job is yours, and then you never hear back.

I got a really great feeling about it, though, and my interviewers were very awesome, laid-back people who were easy to talk to.  It was also by far the longest interview I’ve ever had – something like an hour and a half or an hour and 45 minutes-ish.  I’m usually incredibly nervous during interviews (though I’ve gotten better at hiding it, I think), but after maybe the first 3-5 minutes, I wasn’t nervous any more at ALL, and that’s really saying something.  It really was much more like a two-way, friendly conversation than a one-sided interrogation, as some interviews can seem.  They said that a big buzzword in their department was “engagement”, and it showed in their interview tactics.  Also got a great feeling about their culture and management style, and a sense that while the work is very fast-paced and challenging, their department has a great sense of humor and fun.

Plus, c’mon, free tickets to all plays in addition to working in an industry I love?  Yes, please!

Sooooo…yeah.  Really, really hoping this is it.  You know me, always looking for my niche and the place I’m gonna fit in.  This is a company I can see myself sticking around at for quite a while, because that’s what people who love their job do!   :-D

They were to make a decision by Wednesday or perhaps right after Thanksgiving, but I got a call this evening saying that the hiring director was being called out of town all next week on a family emergency (major suck!  Poor guy.) and they are pushing back the decision date to Dec. 1st.  And that they would like to keep me in the running because they really enjoyed our interview, so don’t worry if I didn’t hear back from them by Wednesday, and please let them know if my employment status changes before then.

That’s kinda a good sign, right?  Maybe?

Hope so, anyway.  The one thing that worries me most is that I struck up a conversation with the receptionist and learned that I was the very first interviewee for the position (and that they’d received and are still receiving hundreds of inquiries about the job).  I don’t know how many more people they’re going to be meeting with, but I think it’s usually a little better to be one of the last interviewed than the first…just because that way, you’re the freshest in their mind.  I really hope that I made enough of an impression to hold my own against the rest of the candidates to follow.

Anyway, yup yup.  We’ll see.  This would be one of the greatest things that could come along for me right now, and I believe I have a lot to bring to the table that would benefit them, as well.  Dream jobs don’t come along every day; they’re relatively rare even in a good economy, and I’m not the sort to take an opportunity like that for granted.

I am now going to go off and stare at the calendar until December 1st rolls around  ;-P  Also, my friend Brigitte’s birthday is on Sunday and there will be tasty brunch-ness at El Torito!!!  What should I get her as a present?!


  1. Not necessary about last seen freshest honey – it’s the one who stands out the most – so hopefully you might here before the first ….

    So we will all keep our fingers cross till then – personally I think they would be foolish not to take you as your so up for the job

  2. It is obvious that the interview went well! While keeping my fingers crossed for this job offer I would like to point out that when interviews are going that well you are probably getting close to an offer if not from this company, then from another one. :)

  3. Just when you least expect it everything just comes together!!!

    I hope you get the job of your dreams. I have followed you on Twitter for a while and think that you are a brave and talented young lady.

    I grew up quite the same as you did (only my mother is a sociopath and OCD) and I like the attitude you maintain…thanks for your honesty as well. Dealing with a mentally ill parent is difficult and growing up with it is inexplicable to most.

    I am looking for a job myself and find myself also playing the waiting game, so I understand completely! Sending out positive thoughts!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I’m happy your interview went well. ILL be thinking good and lucky thoughts until your are victorious in your quest for your employment status to turn a more positive direction.
    I used your positive approach toward my own employment search and I beleive I found a job that will satisfy me emotionally and financially,not that this will make me rich by any means but at the very least I don’t dread getting up in the morning,and for that I thank you…Chuck

    • @Chuck and @Jane:

      Thank you both so much! It’s so hard out there for everyone right now, isn’t it? I’ve seen a few more open positions than there were last year, but there’s still such a dearth and it’s competitive. Both of you sound super awesome and I hope that the nerve-wracking waiting period ends for you soon, as well. Sounds like you’ve got a head start and I’ll keep my fingers crossed for awesome things for you :)


      That’s so kind of you to say! I really appreciate it; sometimes it’s really great to hear encouragement like that. The best thing people can hear when things are dicey, I think, is that at some point it WILL get better. So thank you!

  5. Kudos on the good interview, Bri! I tend to be hyper-cautious when interviewers are being “friendly” – I always think that the purpose is to get the interviewee relaxed so that they will devulge personal info. Anyhoo, I’m sure you know that.

    While you’re waiting, if you haven’t already done so (which you probably have), I highly recommend sending handwritten, snail mail, “thank you” notes on professional (plain, nice paper-linen?) notecards to whoever interviewed you. “It was a pleasure meeting you during our interview last _______. I’m really looking forward to working w/ XYZ company” – you’re a creative writer, so I know you will write the perfect thing. I think this makes a better impression, than an email message.

    Wishing you all the best, Kiddo! Go forth… Rev. Cynthia

    • Hi Cynthia,

      I hear you, but they were great and definitely didn’t ask any illegal questions or try to get me to reveal any personal details, other than my experience and approach to the job!

      I did already send a “thank you” email a couple of hours after the interview, because I was under the impression that the decision might be made rather quickly, and wasn’t sure if a hand-mailed note would make it there in time beforehand (and also, I’m sure they’re used to receiving immediate thank you emails and I didn’t want them thinking I forgot for the couple of days that it would take for the handwritten note to arrive)…but the deadline has been extended and now I’m wondering if I should send a handwritten one, as well. Or whether, having already sent an email “thank you”, it would be considered overkill or kinda stalkerish, haha. Not entirely sure of the etiquette there!

      Interesting how in some cases, technology has muddied things up a bit rather than made them easier. Always have to straddle the line carefully between efficiency and informality/social faux pas.


  6. I used to intervew on the business side of a petrochemical company that I worked for. You just ‘kind of know’ in an interview. Sometimes there can be a couple of people in the tight running, but more often than not, there’s a clear winner.

    I hope you are the clear winner, and before we know it, we will behaving to read postings from you at odd hours because you are WORKING!

  7. ~Bri- I knew you would be on top of it! I see what you mean about “stalking.” Am sure it will all work out beautifully. In fact, if they don’t hear anymore from you, they may be concerned that another company will snap you up, if they aren’t on the ball!

    ~Mary McK – as Bri’s topic is job searching, I noticed that you may have connections to the Petro-chemical industry. As it turns out, my fiance is a Chemical Engineer, who has just immigrated (from Africa) to Alberta, Canada (as a permanent resident). He’s in the process of getting his CE licensing in order. If you have any suggestions, as to companies to which he might apply, please let me know. You can reach me by clicking on my name above & then scrolling down on that website for my contact info. Thanks!

    (Please excuse my shameless networking, Bri – you know me!)

    Happy Thanksgiving! – Rev. Cynthia

    • We all gotta network a little – it’s the smartest and most efficient way to get things done! :) Happy Thanksgiving and ‘night!

  8. It sounds as if more good things are coming your way and I am very glad. Break a leg! :)

  9. Bri –

    I’m thinking you were the first because your resume was the favorite! I’m sending positive thoughts your way!

    I was in Santa Monica a couple of months ago and loved it there! Would have loved to meet you!

  10. Hey Bri, I just saw some great tips online concerning the job search – things I hadn’t thought of before. Here’s the link:

    One of the tips that I REALLY liked was adding your Linkedin url to your automatic email signature – that way it goes out w/ all of your messages. Speaking of Linkedin, I have my profile up as the ED for Common Ground Worldwide, do you want to be connected? Just let me know.

    Sending LOTS of good vibes your way, Kiddo!

  11. I totally understand what you’re going through. I’m about to start my fifth month of unemployment (and the Canadian government says the recession is over…) and am literaly on the brink of getting a fantabulous job. From my position, I’d say that you should leave it, but on December 2nd, if you haven’t heard anyhting, phone the company, and ask to speak to one of the people who interviewed you. Reiterate again that you’re thankful for the opportunity, you’d LOVE to work for the company, and you are just wondering what the status of your application is. This is exactly what I did with my second last interview, and the interviewer asked if she could pass on my contact info to someone else in the company, and then did. I go a phone interview from that one, wasn’t contacted in the timeframe referenced in the interview, called back the new guy, and was offered a positin pending a police check (I’d be working with youth, so it’s important to have this done). As of right now, I’m just waiting on the check to come back, and when I clear it, which I know I will, I’ll have a fantabulous job in my hands… all because I phoned for a follow up. Here’s hoping that there will be two less unemployed people on the continent come December!!

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