Join Zach Bonner For Final Mile In Homeless Awareness Walk

Zach Bonner is 12 years old and has spent the past 3 years walking across the country (from Tampa, FL to Los Angeles, CA) to raise awareness of homelessness and funds for homeless kids.  You can find out more about Zach and his Little Red Wagon Foundation here.

It’s amazing that one so young has been so committed to this social issue, and has now spent a quarter of his life thus far walking across the United States in support of his goal.  Please, if you’re in the Los Angeles area, join Zach Bonner for the final mile of his walk tomorrow, September 14, 2010.  Participants will meet at 2200 Virginia Ave. (Virginia Avenue Park) at 2:00 p.m. and will walk the final mile to Santa Monica Pier.

I was hoping to make it there, but alas, my car has not yet been fixed, so I’m stuck where I’m at for a couple more days, and I’ve also got a media interview tomorrow afternoon about the book.  Rats.  In any event, I hope some of my SoCal-based readers catch this and, if you’re free tomorrow or can get away from work, turn out to support Zach, the Little Red Wagon Foundation, and homeless kids everywhere.


  1. Bri, am so thrilled that you posted this. I’ve been following Zach’s progress since May 2009 and am so very proud of him – what an inspiration! Have you heard anything from him concerning his plans for World Homeless Day 10/10/10? He told me that he is planning to participate, but I haven’t heard about how. I think that Bob Ballard & his “Hearts of Fire Project” are also connected with Zach (& that he’s planning to be there for the last mile), so perhaps they’re doing something together on 10/10/10.

    Hey, Kiddo, how goes the buck-a-day program? I can’t wait to hear how you are making out. Did my suggestions help?

    Peace out…

  2. Bri, you always have the best good news. All them other sites, all they can find is bad news to share. It’s never uplifting and inspiring like your news is. Once again, you rock. :)

  3. ~Bri, here’s the “Valley Girls’ ” take on Zach’s last mile @ Santa Monica Pier:

  4. @Becca Aw, thank you. That’s super kind of you :)

    @Cynthia The $1.25-a-day program is going well, thanks! I appreciate the suggestions. I’m set to go back to the 99 cent store tomorrow to stock up on the second week’s worth of food, so I’ll look for some of those items. I’m trying to stick to as much fruit/veggies as possible, since I’m trying to watch my weight and be all streamlined before the book launch. The green apples seem to be going the furthest. They’re tasty, they last long, and one or two are really filling!

    You’re right about carbs being the cheapest. That’s one of my hugest problems. America seems to be one of the only countries where the poor get fatter.


  5. ~Bri, chatted w/ Bob Ballard briefly today & he did make it to join Zach @ the Santa Monica Pier. There’s a photo of them together on the “Hearts of Fire Project” FB page. I email a copy of the photo to you. Bob is taking off on his “World Homeless Day 10/10/10″ Tour (California/Oregon/Washington) later today. Sounds like quite a journey!

  6. I check everyday for a new post…are you that busy?I’m disappionted to say the least…just sayin

  7. Bri, am so thrilled that you posted this. I

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