A Friday Quickie Musical Interlude For You…

“Heroes & Villains”, a music video created and put together by phenomenally talented homeless Londoners.

Freaking.  Uh-mazing.  That is all.


  1. Vicki Day says:

    I love it and they all have such amazing talent

  2. Fantastic. Makes me sad to see so many artistic people homeless. It seems like if you aren’t in some sort of “business” field then you’re not valued by society these days…

  3. Fantastic! I was raised just this side of homeless. A roof over your head can just be a cover if there’s very little inside.

  4. As a DJ and Musician I find this article pretty helpful, always need to learn!

  5. that was amazing! thanks for sharing.

  6. Hi there,

    I work for Open Cinema (we run the filmmaking workshops where this video was created) and we just wanted to say thanks for posting it! If you’d like to watch any more videos made by our groups, please visit our video page here – http://www.vimeo.com/user3678181 – and feel free to leave your comments. All of our videos were made by homeless men and women from London, working with professional filmmakers.

    We’re also hoping to make an global version of this music video, featuring homeless music and arts projects from all over the world. This is progressing slowly… but we’re hoping to release the new version on World Homeless Day 10.10.10. If you’d like to see more about this project, please see our blog: http://www.heroes-villains.tumblr.com.

    Thanks for your kind words about the video, they were much appreciated!

    Best wishes,

    Eleanor (Open Cinema)

  7. More and more people are “camping” in the far side of a parking lot near where I live which I think belongs to Target but none of the customers actually park there. I keep thinking why not make it official? Hook them up with a few port-a-potties and don’t harass them. There’s a library within walking distance which is great for internet and a reasonably comfortable place to spend the day job searching, etc. The parking lot is fairly safe given it is right on the corner of two very busy, main local streets, well-lit and the police cruise by occasionally. To their credit they do check id and keep tabs on who’s there (we have had some gang activity in the neighborhood unrelated to this) but they don’t roust people or try to intimidate. There’s also a guy living in his camper over the truck on our street who has been there for decades. He’s just part of the neighborhood. But why the hell doesn’t his employer pay him more?

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