World Homeless Day PSA Release!

Today marks the release of John Mellencamp’s World Homeless Day public service announcement.  John lends his voice to the hundreds in cities worldwide with the intent to simply encourage you to do something to bring your community together and support those who have lost domestic autonomy.

Below is the press release put out last night by Mr. Mellencamp:

* * * * *


(Toledo, OH) today announced the release of Grammy award-winning singer John Mellencamp’s efforts to help those who have lost domestic autonomy worldwide.

These efforts include the global release of:

1) Public service announcements promoting World Homeless Day (WHD) to be held 10/10/10. The purpose of World Homeless Day is to urge communities to use their local resources to draw attention to the needs of the unhoused, as well as provide opportunities for the community to come together to respond to homelessness.

2) A print interview conducted with exclusive rights of distribution to the world’s street papers. This print exclusivity helps to provide financial autonomy for the poor or unhoused vendors selling one of the 110 street papers in 40 countries.

3) A call to other recording artists and celebrities, whether on the road or at home, to matter by making unprompted stops at local shelters and kitchens with the sole purpose of showing “every 1Matters.”

According to HUD, due to foreclosure and job loss, the number of families with children who have lost domestic autonomy and are on the streets and in shelters is up 30% since 2007.

“It’s not right that kids have to live on the street; it’s not right anyone has to live on the street,” Mellencamp says. “In this country right now there is no middle class, no place for middle class. You are either really rich or you are really down and out. It’s hard times in this country right now.”

Common perceptions of the “homeless” do not include many of those who are now unhoused, such as families with children. According to 1Matters founder Ken Leslie, “Most people associate the word ‘homeless’ with the stereotypes
of those living on the streets. Fact is they only represent 15% of those who are unhoused in the US. Those who do not have “domestic autonomy”, including those doubled-up with friends or family define the entire scope.”

Before a concert in 2007, John Mellencamp made an unprompted visit to an awareness-raising Tent City in Toledo, OH, which sparked the founding of 1Matters works to change public perceptions of the unhoused and to involve local communities in ending homelessness.

According to Mellencamp’s publicist Bob Merlis, “John was touched by the experience in Toledo and has continued his support not only for 1Matters, but all of those who have lost domestic autonomy in our nation.” Mellencamp’s involvement in promoting World Homeless Day on 10/10/10 is another act in his long history of standing with those whose voices are often unheard in their communities.

The public service announcement and exclusive interview can be located at or website.

About 1Matters - Founded by Ken Leslie, a formerly homeless alcoholic, addict, comedian and a 20-year advocate with and for the unhoused, 1Matters is working to fund micro-enterprises to provide financial and domestic autonomy based on the principal of hard work, as well as creating an international platform to change the world, 1 person at a time.

About World Homeless Day – Started by a global network of activists and advocates, the purpose of World Homeless Day is to draw attention to the needs of the unhoused locally and provide opportunities for the community to get involved in responding to homelessness. The Official World Homeless Day website exists to resource local groups to apply the concept of World Homeless Day to benefit homeless people locally in their area.

About John Mellencamp – John Mellencamp’s career in music has spanned more than 35 years during which time he transitioned from pre-fab pop idol to one of the most highly regarded mature songwriters of a generation, with domestic sales exceeding 40 million units. A Grammy award-winning artist, John has been standing up and fighting for those with little voice by using his time, music and money for 35 years. October 2nd will mark the 25th year of Farm Aid which he founded with Willie Nelson and Neil Young. This month John released his 26th album, “No Better Than This”, produced by TBone Burnett, recorded in Mono and released by Rounder Records.

* * * * *

Also, now I have “Little Pink Houses” stuck in my head.  Specifically, the Glee version.  Because yes, I’m totally a huge Gleek!


  1. Hallelujah! I’m so thrilled to finally see the Mellencamp PSA! How wonderful of him to take the time to support WHD. Have now posted the clip on the Common Ground Worldwide blog & am getting ready to put it up on our nonprofit’s website for “World Homeless Day – SLO.” Thanks for keeping us “in-the-loop,” Bri!

  2. I have really enjoyed reading your blog and I am learning a lot from it. I am from England and am currently trying to improve the homeless situation on the streets of central London.

    The Olympics are being held in London in 2012 as I am sure you are aware of and as a result the government is trying to apparently ‘clean up the streets’ of central London as though it is somehow the homeless people who are making the streets dirty.

    On a weekly basis I go down to the streets of London of my own accord and offer food to the homeless and I witness the way the authorities treat them. I myself am harrased for giving them food as though somehow kindness is now a crime.

    Check out my blog please I would really be grateful for your insight and for any advice you can give me to help make things work in London.


  3. Hey, No More Homelessness…

    gimme a shout if you want to hook up with some other grassroot groups in London….

    We have plenty of events planned there for WHD and on a daily basis

    beatonthestreet (at) gmail (dot) com

  4. oh btw just in case… im hoping Bri can vouch for me as genuine….

    • @Jon Of course! ;)

      @No More Homelessness Yes, the “clean up the streets/hide the homeless” thing is very common. And depressing. You have a great blog with a compassionate, kind, and nonjudgmental outlook towards homeless individuals. It is super kind of you to do what you are doing for them.

      Jon (Beat on the Street) is one of the foremost experts on homelessness in the UK, and is in touch with just about every grassroots group you can think of (as well as many global ones; and the founder of World Homeless Day). I definitely suggest getting in touch with him!

  5. My blog on behalf of the homeless is in Oceanside, California, 45 miles north of San Diego, next to Camp Pendleton. Yesterday’s post was in honor of Rufus Hannah, one of the original homeless guys used in “bum fights”. He made it back, thank God.

    You can see it here:


  6. i am a certified Gleek and i really love the TV Show GLEE. Diana is very pretty :~`

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