The Girl's Guide to Homelessness Memoir Cover!

So I’ve been sitting on it for months, and have just gotten permission to post my book cover on the tGGtH blog for you guys to see!

Final approved cover!!!

Can I just say that I am in serious lust over that wingback chair?  I so want it.  Although, I think that model needs to eat a few slices o’ pizza and dye her hair red  ;)  Also, I would never willingly wear Pepto-Bismol flamingo pink, but that’s just me.  I have a hunch they chose that color to play up the “girly” part of The Girl’s Guide to Homelessness.

Just so you can see, below is the original concept art that Harlequin sent me back in February.  I was staying with Vicki Day and her daughter Alice at the time, for a few weeks, and going through something of a rough patch.  However, the concept art landed in my inbox unexpectedly, and totally put a freakish smile on my face for days (ask Vicki, she’ll tell you!) and made the entire personal mess of a situation that much more bearable because it gave me something positive and exciting to focus on.  I really loved what they were going for and think it fits the tone of the book.

Since then, I’ve been just waiting to share it with you guys!

Original concept art from February.

As you can see, everything’s pretty much the same as the final product except for the chair (which I’m not a fan of – much happier with the wingback one!) and the model, who they had to kind of recreate and reshoot themselves because of copyright and such (I think they cobbled together the concept art from stock photos or something).  Though to be completely honest, I secretly like the concept art model a wee bit more.  I like her pose (I would totally sit on a chair arm like that, haha) and I like the fact that her hair hides her face, and I like her vintage-y dress (or maybe just really flowy pajamas?  Either way.)  But in any event, LOVE the final product, and so very pleased with what they came up with!

I would love to hear your guys’ input and comments!  Squee!!!  It’s so hard to believe.  Seeing your name on a cover makes everything that much more real (which is actually pretty scary!)


  1. Congrats Bri! This looks awesome! See…light does come out of darkness! :-) …ok, not gonna go all Christian on ya, but that’s great.

    And yes, the model should have, at least, been a red-head!


  2. Congratulations! I LOVE the cover, I think it’s amazing. Whoever designed it is a genius.

    And I’m sure it is scary, but it’s also pretty awesome to have your name on a book cover. :)

  3. Fantastic! It looks wonderful :)

  4. Oh, maybe there is still time to make the model’s hair red. It really should be. (And would look smashing against the gray clouds!)

    Well done, girlfriend!

  5. I’m so very happy for you Brianna! Now that the time seems to be right, I’ve just sent you’re info to some audiobook publishing friends of mine:)

  6. Very nice artwork. Best of luck on things continuing to move forward.

  7. I love the final cover! Now, when can I order my copy from Amazon??? I’m busting my seams waiting!

  8. Thank you all!

    Jody, I believe that publication is scheduled for Fall of 2011, so you’ve still got about a year to wait :-\ Sorry! But I imagine promotion will start relatively soon-ish…

  9. A Year!!!…..Aargghhh! Well, I imagine you’ll keep us well informed with thought-provoking posts in the interim :) I can’t wait to get my hands on the book!

    • Hey, Jody, guess what – I lied! Just found out today that the release date has been pushed up to May. Which is still 9 months away, but waaaaaaay better than waiting until Fall, right? Woot!

  10. charlene says:

    CONGRATS! Proud of you, girl! But tell the artist that the hair has to be red, ok? It should look like you because it is YOUR story?

  11. charlene says:

    PS: Yes, the wingback chair and “your” pose is the one!

  12. Hooray, thanks! Will see what I can do about the hair ;)

  13. ~Bri, this is so amazingly exciting! Personally, even though the model is looking down in both images, the first pose seems stronger to me. And, it presents a more professional (due to not being jammies)/albiet a bit quirky (like you) image. I agree w/ the red hair – your signature look should definitely be present. Like you, I adore the wing-back chair, it is speaking to the “genteel poverty” nature of our current experiences. FABU!

    As for the few slices of pizza, I’ve always been pretty firm in my conviction that, should my memoir ever get to the film stage, Kathy Bates vs Julia Roberts needs to play my part (I adore Julia, but she’s not remotely a realistic example of moi- except when I was in my 20′s). In my case, I’d like for people to know that women of substance also lead adventurous, exciting, & sexy lives. Hey, but that’s me & I’m sure that “thin” sells. Plus, my guess is that an author only has so much control.

    Anyhoo, I couldn’t be more proud of you, Bri. The cover is powerfully haunting, just like your story!

    Can’t wait to have the final version of your book in my hands.

    Continued blessings along the journey, Kiddo!

  14. A Year..WOW..Con grats on a job well done,Can’t wait..than what 2 years for the movie.

  15. Absolutely love it!! Congrats!

  16. I absolutely love it! The visual just really get;s you. Awesome and can’t wait for it to come out!

  17. Hello Dahling!

    As an art student here is my two cents worth. From an artistic standpoint I like the concept best. From a marketing standpoint I like the final draft.

    I think the first one has a greater sense of despair, with more subtle hints of hope. If it had the wingback chair in it, I think it would be perfect as an art piece. That wingback chair conveys a sense of dignity.

    The final, with that pink, is more eye catching. I also like the contrast of the warmth of the figure on the chair in that little pool of light, surrounded by the cold gray, then the spot of warm sunlight in the back ground draws the eye to the distance.

    Congratulations! I think you should frame them both.

    Kelly :cD

  18. @Cynthia @Kelly,

    Oh wow, thank you ladies! I’m getting far more in-depth analysis than I’d even considered myself! You two are bringing up points I that never crossed my mind! I’m really grateful for the input :)


  19. LOVE it! Dark clouds over-head – but bright light (future) in the distance. Who would have thought that being homeless would have turned your life around for the better? It’s amazing how far you’ve come. You are truly an inspiration. Can’t wait to buy the book and help get you in your dream home. :D

  20. linda (soulmate47) says:

    Love the dark clouds too. Represents the tumultuous times you went through. But in the distance is the light at the end of the tunnel. So represents the ride you have been on. Upon first reading your story and watching your video on AOL news was immediately drawn to your plight and took an instant liking to you after seeing your video. Gave me a true feeling of you. I am so pleased with what has happened to you in the short amount of time since. I’ve seen your story snowball ever since and am honored to have been able to watch you turn into the successful young woman I new you were. I’m sure you have been truly inspirational to others who have found themselves in your position. Things can always change no matter how dire your situation. So proud of you Bri!!!

  21. Thank you, Linda! You’re the best, and thanks so much for following for so long and being so encouraging. You’re one of the greatest, most loyal followers a blogger could ever have :)

  22. Fabulous, May is my birthday month & I always give myself a gift (they inevitably seem to be the best ones). Now I know what I’ll be gifting myself. What fun to have your book to look forward to, Bri !!!

  23. that’s awesome brianna! i just saw you on youtube recently about homelessness even though that video was done a year ago. i think i’ll check out your book! in the youtube vid you have a great personality and it shows in your blogs too. you should write for a magazine! i hope your book does well! glad that it will be released sooner than fall 2011! may will be here before you know it! and your dog is so cute! he kind of looks like a rottweiler.

  24. Thanks, Ali! I’m really excited about the book coming out. And kind of terrified, too ;) Fezzik is a Neapolitan mastiff – about the size of a rottie, but more mellow, and very jowly/drooly :)

  25. Vicki Day says:

    I still love it and I think it does portray that underbelly of the American Dream gone bad ………

    You were going through a “rough patch ” but you were also going through a “discovery patch” – discovering your an awesome girl, you have loads to yet do and also that Sex and the City and Carrie is not the devils work but actually a scream.
    I’m very proud of you honey and don’t forget your awesome

    Your “other ” mum xx

  26. Aw, thank you Vicki :) You’re the best!

  27. My prediction: Book club’s will not only be discussing the content of your book – they will be discussing the cover’s subtle metaphors.

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