Happy Father's Day (And A Few News Links)

Happy Fathers’ Day to all my readers who are dads, stepdads, adopted dads, father figures, etc.  May your children continue to enrich your lives!

And also, a few quick weekend news links:

Starbucks is offering free, unlimited wireless to all customers starting July 1st! If you’ve read a lot of this blog, you know that I (and many other homeless people) already spent plenty of time in Starbucks, in what seemed to be an unofficial don’t-ask-them-to-leave policy.  But now they’re making it official!  Woot.  For the price of a $1.50 cup of coffee, you too can have an air-conditioned place to groove on a couch all day.  (Also tested and approved for starving college students.)

Sacramento County in California may completely abandon all homeless services within two months, unless more money is scrounged up to add to their budgets.  This will mean shelter beds for 3,000 homeless men, women, and children disappearing, resulting in their being put out on the streets.

And finally, the Associated Press reports that the total number of chronic homeless is down 30% from 2006, but the number of homeless families is up and increasing, as is the length of time that homeless families stay overnight in shelters.


  1. What I found “strange” about HUD’s 5th Annual Homeless Assessment Report (AHAR) is that although there was a 30% decrease in chronic homelessness, the numbers of homeless families have increased by 30% since 2007.

    30% and 30%, hmmm…

  2. Yay! Coffee shops are great places for aspiring writers too!

  3. ~Bri, as this was a post for Father’s Day, first of all, I want to acknowledge that the day was most likely a difficult one for you and for others, whose fathers have passed on.

    Also, I’ve had occasion to speak with both fathers, who were homeless, and one adult son, whose father was homeless. The holiday can certainly be challenging and infinitely more so, if one is experiencing homelessness.

    Just yesterday, I was speaking with a well-educated man about homelessness. He happens to be the sort of person, who wants to help find solutions, and is very supportive of people who are unhoused. So, I was a bit surprised when he said, “One can always fix where they went wrong.” Hmmm…I’ve heard this before – it is making the assumption that we have done something to cause our homelessness. Certainly, some people have. But, when it comes to those who have incomes either in the form of checks for employment or due to physical or mental disability or social security retirement benefits, no crime or sin or lack of judgement has occured. Often, it is simply a case of housing not being affordable enough for one’s income – period.

    Recently, someone suggested that all of the homeless people living on the expensive California coast – the “unskilled” workers – should move inland, where housing is less expensive. Interesting… do people truly not understand what would happen to a community without its service workers? – no sales clerks, restaurant help, hotel employees, and even teachers, police officers, and fire fighters.

    According to the statistics from our local county Enumeration of the Homeless, 3,829 people are homeless and 1,372 of those are children with 988 of the children being in school. Once again, I must say that allowing children to be homeless is societal abuse!

    So, as we think about Father’s Day, we can also think about children. Apparently, there are 100 million children, who are homeless worldwide. And, let’s face it, children who are homeless in developing countries are far worse off – often not having clean water to drink or any social services for food or medical care.

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