Ya Go To Sleep At Night…

…And ya wake up in the morning on the front page of Yahoo! Or at least, that’s what several of the messages in my abnormally-extra-large-wall-o’-emails are telling me.

<——————I made this face, by the way.

Eep.  I will never get used to this when it happens.  Darn all of you awesome internet people with all of your awesome, kind support and awesome friendliness!  ;)

So, welcome to the newbies!  And thank you so much to the ones who’ve commented.  Now, I’ve gotta get to work answering emails!  Letters from homeless people and those needing directions to help/resources get answered first (and I’m even a couple of days behind on those!), so I’m über-sorry if it takes a few more days for me to get back to you!  I totally appreciate all of the kind words, support, and questions.

As always, I love my readers!  :)



  1. Vicki Day says:

    This is lovely positive press coverage which is giving people help etc; good for you honey.

  2. TRVevia says:

    I just found your website/blog randomly via the Happiness Project (of all places!). Anyway, I wish I had had you around when I was homeless and living in my car 30 years ago with my pekingese. Of course, there was no internet then, either. Fortunately, I was also (like you) employed and in California, just unable to scrape enough $$ together for first/last/deposit. Advocacy is a noble and difficult vocation. You are in my prayers!

  3. Hope you are doing well now.

  4. I needed to find you today. I needed proof you can never ever give up and that good things happen to good people. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. : )

  5. Melinda says:

    Read about you in US News and on Yahoo. What a good thing you are doing. Congrats on finishing your first draft, I can’t wait until it’s published and available to read. I wish you all the best.

    p.s. glad to see you found a home for Jethro, hopefully you’ve already found one for Ross or will shortly. :)

  6. wow! I just spent pretty much all day reading this blog from beginning to end. What an amazing story. Thanks for your inspiring words! Looking forward to reading your book. :)

  7. I put the topic on the top page of a homeless girl of 21 who needs help and this is the web page that came up. Very disappointed.

  8. dennis mobley says:

    Hoping everything works out for you . Your story makes me think of my 17 year old daughter and what I would do if that happens to her . Sending you the love that I would send her .

  9. Thank you all again, so much!

    Linda, I’m sorry that you don’t like my website. But I have contacted you via private email; I hope that regardless of your feelings about my site, I can put you in touch with a person, program, or resource that can help the girl you’re talking about. Please get back to me with details and I’ll see what I can dig up. My top priority is dealing with emails from people in need of help first, before anything else. I have a few hundred to sort through in my inbox at the moment, but I’m getting through them as quickly as possible!

    Melinda, yes, we did find a home for Ross, thank you! Another dog rescue volunteer fell in love with him and adopted him.

    It always boggles my mind when people say they’ve read my blog from beginning to end! I can’t imagine how long something like that must take, and I’m humbled that anybody would enjoy it that much or find it inspirational. Thank you, readers. You’re the reason this blog has lasted this far :)


  10. Is it just my eyes? Or, does that adorable little primate have red hair?

    My, my Bri… you’re showing up all over the place, aren’t you?

  11. LOL, you think you’re gonna get a chance to sleep, and then an interview from 6 months ago shows up on the front page of Yahoo! Go figure ;)

    And of course I chose an orangutan! They’re so cuddly and squishy and ginger, like me!


  12. Diana Egypt says:

    Hi Brianna ,
    well to be honest i just opened yahoo to view my email, and the headline really caught my eyes. I read the whole article and i got so amazed , and inspired by your story. I have to say i had something similar to your story but the difference is that you worked your way out.
    Way to go , i really liked ur quote: When you’re in survival mode, you slash everything,” . “That makes the online community that much more important. Online, somebody will always be there for me.”
    I just want you to know that you really touched my heart and i will surely start on reading your blog and now what ur up too.

  13. blogs are one of the best things about the internet.

    also, I and others I know, have actually made real live human contact, in person, from connecting thru writing and forums on the net. That’s when it really sinks in that there are really fantastic people all over the world and it helps your sanity to find us, rather than see the version of human driving when you are a pedestrian, or on tv, or in corporate offices, those situations really lower my optimism and really get me down about people.

    There are situations that get us to focus on the most important parts of humanity and those are the ones that I want to be involved in, not the ones that suck the spirituality and humanity out of us. – J

  14. Your story is remarkable. I was touched and encouraged. And I’m blown away by how you took the challenge. Please continue to help out with your experience. Now i want to catch up with the whole story. Thanks for blogging

  15. A true survival guide. Very well written, educational and inspiring. No one really knows what tomorrow brings. It’s great your getting all this press and using it to continue helping others in their struggle.

  16. So I saw your article show up on my daily yahoo check and I’ve been reading your blog from beginning to end ever since. It’s really inspiring to read something like this, someone who was lost and found their way. I do hope things work out for you in the end, and I absolutely can’t wait to read your book! You’ve really given me some insight on how the world really is, just amazing. Thanks so much for writing :)

  17. There’s some awesome writings on homelessness on squidoo. I can’t post a link from my cellphone, sorry.
    I am looking forward to reading your entire blog.
    You have a few things in your favor: you’re young, pretty, computer literate and educated. If you were a middle aged woman there would not be the same interest in your story. I have been displaced since 2002 but always had a roof over my head. I learned today that my former boss has been homeless since september 2009. We are both mid-fifties and female.

  18. I read your blog entries in one sitting and I admire your strength, common sense, humour and all round awesomeness immensely.

    a fan from Greece

  19. Stephanie in PA says:

    I, too, spotted you while checking my email before work this morning. What an inspiration you are! In our generation so full of negativity and pessimism, it’s wonderful to read about someone who stuck through it all and has the heart to push on even in the face of what most would consider “rock bottom”.

    I wish you the best with your publications and your future. Keep up the good work, and show the world that as tough as it may be, persistence and optimism can carry you to higher places!

  20. Brianna,
    Thank you for your courage and for telling your story! I have left you a blog award over on my blog. Your care of others is such an encouragement. Blessings to you on your upcoming book and all the best to you – epically those pretty red chairs you love!


  21. Depressed people needs hope,keep it up.

  22. Congratulations!! Another Dooce in the making.

  23. I woke this morning, and the article featuring your blog was the first piece of news I read today. As well as the best piece of news I’ve read in a long time. I wish you the best of luck; it’s nice to see a fellow blogger making her way in the world.

  24. Congrats on front page of Yahoo this morning. I hope things start going way up for you. Adding you to my reader to follow your journey!

  25. Waiting for the book, waiting for the book, waiting for the book!!!

  26. I came across your blog while looking for a non-fiction article to use with my 8th grade English class (found the article on Yahoo news), and became intrigued about your story. I have been going back and looking at what all you have gone through since the start of your journey and you serve as an inspiration. Even through the darkest of your tragedy, you still kept your head up and focused on the good around you. I think it is totally awesome that things are starting to look up for you and your story is soon going to be a book (I’m hoping to get my own copy as soon as it is released). Keep up your hard work and your efforts. It is all being noticed. God bless you!

  27. I saw you on the front page of Yahoo!, and I’m now a new reader. Huzzah to a fellow blogger! Good luck!

  28. Stephanie :) says:

    You got strength, girl. I’m sure you know that by now, but I just wanted to give you a virtual hug for having the courage to keep going. Lots of people don’t. I’m about to dig into your journal tonight and over the weekend, maybe I can glean some helpful information from your adventures (at this point in life, I’m done having experiences and crises – I’m having adventures now). I was days away from homelessness about 8 years ago, and I also sat down and made a list of everything and everywhere I could get help, resources, or just escape the summer heat from; I folded up the piece of paper and put it in my wallet and promised myself I would treat it like it was made of gold, and not lose it. I called it my golden ticket. And weirdly, about 3 days later, I got a call from the blue that I had a job. I don’t think in all that time of knowing I was going to be on the streets soon, that I cried, but I know I cried then.

    I’m close to needing a golden ticket again. Like you I’m a young adult, educated, professional, clean, polite, hard working, but here I am right on the edge again. Something either has to give (ie, incredible luck/miracle/blessing/literally force someone to hire me), or I’m out in a matter of about 6-8 weeks. I think of me, I think of everyone like me in this mess, trying to not sink in these waters, and I am stuck between immense fear, and immense reserves of power and “I can get through this”-ness.

    I’m glad you did that interview all those months ago… because, see, now you’re helping me and lots of other people, directly and indirectly, just by having someone making your voice heard for a minute or two. :) I hope things are working out for you better now, but I’m going to read and find out… in the mean time, please take care!

  29. Another newbie here. Just read up a bit more on your story, and I must say you are amazing for putting up with all of this. I’ll definately be buying the book when it comes out.

    It probably doesn’t mean much you you, but I’ll be praying for you and others in similar situations. And wishing you luck!

    (Also, that orangutan is adorable.)

  30. I so wish your blog had been around when I was living in my car a few years ago.

  31. Congrats on your recent recognition. Everythigng seems to happen for a reason. I have a similar background in terms of the family issues. Stick in there. Perhaps this will propel you farther than you ever imagined!

  32. I have a feeling that you are not as shy as you think you are! I’ve read your entire blog today, and I hope that you continue to be as down to earth as you seem to be, and as good a writer, so that we can all enjoy your take on the world.
    Also, you are beautiful, kind, smart and have many other good qualities so don’t dwell too much on the past because when we do that, even if to just say that it doesn’t matter anymore, it hurts! So have fun with your new book and new adventures and keep in touch!

  33. I saw the headline on Yahoo. I read the blog from begining to end today. Great work and this is very inspirational. I will definitely read your book when it comes out. Keep up the advocacy. You are helping a lot of people.

  34. Hi! loved Yahoo’s article today that talked about your story. Very inspiring. It goes to show that homelessness affects people of all ages,race,religions.

    I was so inspired that I actually just blogged about your website for my fellow readers-feel free to comment! Good Luck and best wishes. From,Chicago.

  35. Found you through Yahoo and just finished reading your entire blog… good to know I’m not the only one! :) Good for you for keeping your spirits up during this past year and for finding a cause that you can be passionate about. It’s inspiring – I hope I can raise my children to be as resiliant as you are. Do write more about World Homeless Day. What a great idea – I think I’d heard murmurings about it from somewhere else but have you got contacts in other countries and what are you doing for that day?

  36. Jeanie Butera says:

    I found your blog via the USA today article…and I love it. I just spent all day yesterday and this morning reading the entire thing from the beginning. I think everything you have done and accomplished is wonderful and amazing, and I wish only the best for you. I am not homeless, but I have been out of work for 7 months now, my UI benefits ran out, and my hubby is riding out his extended ones. We both have been unable to find work, and a good friend of ours recently mve3d in, since she almost became homeless too. We have a young child too. We have been helping one another to keep a roof over our heads, and food and maintain a “normal” life, whatever that is!

  37. I found your blog a few days ago and read the entire thing, it’s inspriational to say the least, and it’s changed my attitude about life. Keep telling your amazing story, you’re touching so many lives. It’s also nice to hear from a fellow agnostic atheist! Wahoo! :) I know you’ve been told this countless times, but you’re truly amazing and I wish I had somebody like you in my life! Stay strong, girlfriend, you can survive anything. -Joanna

  38. I’m one of your new YHOO redirects! Very interested in reading your site.

  39. Heidi Ericson says:

    Thank you for sharing your story. Peace be with you always.

  40. luckygrn2004 says:

    I just wanted to say that I too found you the other day via the Yahoo! home page. I spend countless hours (while I should have been working ;-) ) reading your blog from beginning to end. Your story is truely amazing and inspirational and my hat is off to you for enduring the obstacles that you have since becoming homeless. Your advocating is selfless and is helping many more than are willing to admit! I work in the field of mental health in the midwest, I see homelessness everyday and obviously homelessness does not discriminate. Like you, I wish I could help every homeless person I come across but all I can do is be a resource for them and assist them with improving thier current situations. Thank you so much for telling your story and I am anxiously awaiting your book to come out. I plan to stop by daily to see if you have updated as I cannot wait to see what comes next for you! Best of luck to you :-D

  41. I too found your site through the front page of yahoo. Your story is amazing!!! I can’t wait to get more time to read more. Good luck to you, you are inspirational.

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