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So, I’ve just been notified that an article in News of the World was published yesterday, ostensibly about my personal life (the title of which contained an incredibly volatile and insensitive slur against homeless individuals).

I was contacted by the writer, Siobhan McFadyen, quite some time ago and declined an interview with her. Looks like she just went ahead and wrote one regardless.

The article is laughable at best, containing numerous inaccuracies and flat-out lies.  Interestingly, whomever was named as “a source close to Brianna” clearly has never spoken to me before in my life, as this anonymous (and, I assume, nonexistent) person got just about every fact under the sun wrong.

Only a small handful of my closest (and most loyal) friends know the true circumstances of my trip and my breakup, and that is the way I would like to keep it for now.  As I said in my past blog, please no questions about it.  I won’t answer.

Nice to see that Mr. Barnes isn’t above shelling out a few quip quotes to a trashy tabloid for pay, though!

Meanwhile, I’m having a fabulous time, taking care of both business and pleasure in London.  Will have lots to tell you guys about that later!


  1. So the journalist of this piece is obviously looking to move from fact to fiction as everyone know Brianna is here in London having a great time …… busy with her book and being a “London Girl” …
    Also being a huge big fashion bitch ……. is Lori wearing glasses or are those huge bags under her eyes ? Which is a shame for a girl so young – my advice invest in some good eye cream as my wonderful Dolly would say “Honey, time marches on and eventually you realize it is marchin’ across your face.”

  2. B

    Is there anyway to contact you besides comments here ?

    Jon (Chicago)

  3. Hi Jon from Chicago,

    Yes, there is a “contact” tab at the top of the site. Thanks :)


  4. Bri, even if the journalist had just taken the time to read your blog, her info would have been more accurate. In any case, the article portrays you as the “injured party” & overall that will gain you public sympathy, which although perhaps not as empowering as you may like, will most likely have the benefit of making you yet more popular.

    Can’t wait to read your book, Bri- I want to be one of the first to purchase a copy, so please reserve one for me.

    Blessings multiplied

  5. Sounds like you are taking the high road and that is the best thing to do. Good luck with your book and enjoy your time in London.

  6. *sigh* and *sigh* again. Keep your head up.

  7. I must say that Lori looks like a bit of a crack whore… especially in that picture. I hope she isn’t what she actually looks like, or the baby will get taken away soon enough.

    Meaner (and purely honest) observation aside, don’t worry about it. YOU made you who you are. And we are all proud of you. Keep your chin up, girly!

  8. Gotta love the ‘sources’! NOT!!

    You deserve and will find better!! Take care of you!
    Good luck with your book, and hug Vicki for me!! ;-)

  9. Wow… why spend time writing trashy lies when there’s so much trashy truth available?

    Bri, sometimes you just have to consider the incompetent source and move on.

    Speaking of moving on… that’s the best gift whatshisname ever gave you.

    I’m so happy for what your fabulous future will bring.
    Although I must confess that I am deeply resentful of the fact that you are there– and I am not.

    Please kiss the Queen for me, anyway. Oh! I’m sending one for my future daughter in law, as well.

    Shoulders back and head up, Darling!

  10. Perhaps this ought not to make a difference, but… wow. Siobhan McFadyen’s writing is staggeringly bad.

  11. Siobhan McFadyen has a reputation for being one of the worst tabloid journalists in the land. She is renowned for making up quotes, finding “friends” and “sources” and being an all-round diabolical character. If it’s any comfort, I don’t think her reputation is really going to get her much further than subsisting on scurrilous lies and fictions for which she is paid very little. Perhaps her life of abject misery is some comfort.

  12. Ahaha, you guys are making me laugh so hard! I can only repeat: I have the best readers in the entire world.

    Tracy and Laurie, consider the Queen hugged and kissed, just for you! You do realize this is England though, right? NOBODY hugs the Queen. Remember the Michelle Obama SNAFU? So this is a particularly special treat.

    Michael, the Queen does not anything so crude as wave. She wafts, more like ;)

    Interesting to read that other commenters have personal experience with this “newspaper”, and with this writer in particular…


  13. Siobhan McFadyen’s mother was a hamster and her father smelt of Ederberries. She should just go away before we taunt her a second time or throw some farm animals on her. Head up and smile for you and who counts know the truth not some made up lies to sell a terrible paper that is only good for lining bird and hamster cages.

  14. To echo the opening word of your post: Sigh

    I read the article… sad that Siobhan McFadyen is so inept a “journalist” (and I do use that word in an extremlely sarcastic manner) to the point of having to manufacture a source.

    Perhaps she’s been using one too many hallucinogens.

    But now the important question: During your time in the UK have you learned how to wave like the Queen? ;-)

  15. Wow. Just a quick google of her name shows a laughable string of trashy headlines. Classy lady. Chin up, Bri!

  16. I guess this is the price of fame. But know, we’re all behind you. :)

  17. The satisfaction comes that in a few decades no one will remember her name or who she is. That woman does not know journalism from a hole in the ground (and few do any more).

    Keep on keeping on… and enjoy the experience. Thanks for the great blog and sharing your experiences with all of us. Cheers!

  18. My work computer has their website blocked in the “Tasteless” category. Really, doesn’t that say it all?? :p

  19. The News of the World is a pile of shite (a term stolen from my British hubby!). Think National Enquirer, Star, etc. Pity that it seems to be the main source of news for many folks over there. I particularly love the way it’s written as if you are a naive victim in all this. S**t happens and it sucks sometimes, but life goes on – but I guess that isn’t sensational enough to sell newspapers!

  20. remember – there is no “BAD” publicity. So, it your are gossip or news worthy you are doing something right. And, so what if what they wrote is all wrong…. you got written about and got exposure on your cause. Cheers to that.

  21. Echoing much of the sentiment above, especially that if the “journalist” had even glanced at your blog, she’d have know more truth than she published. Jeesh.

    I’m sure you’ll be able to turn around any publicity you get.

    Take care, and keep smiling :)

  22. Bri,

    Being arrogant Americans, Tracy and I forget to acknowledge *that* queen of England.
    We acknowledge and send hugs to The Fashion Maven of London, the Queen of Pure Sauce, The RocknRoll Princess, Alice and, of course to the little, Biggie, too! xoxo

  23. And now we know Siobhan McFadyen is a huge big fibber with her faux lawyer trying to put the squeeze on a homeless girl so this wouldn’t show in Goggle search – telling huge lies and bullying Brianna with her contradictory emails .
    If you read this Siobhan McFadyen you can email me with the same tactics you did to Brianna and see how far you get with your “hotmail” lawyer……..
    As they say in the States “Have a nice day” ……….

  24. Siobhan McFadyen http://www.siobhanmcfadyen.com/about-me/ is a not a nice person.

    She rented my flat and cancelled last minute (4 days before she wanted to leave) in which I didn’t charge her for but when she wanted to rent it again, I said I was happy to rent it to her if she agreed not to cancel last minute. I couldn’t understand why such a request (come on, who would let you cancel last minute?) made her angry and nasty until a friend said it is probably because I pointed out that she was unreasonable in cancelling last minute the last time.

    She refused to agree, said a bunch of really nasty things and a lot of lies in which she knows herself are lies over text message. I asked 3 times on message that we should speak as I felt that she must have misunderstood me (because how can me asking her to agree to not cancelling last minute set her off like this?) but she refused. If that was not enough, she also threatened me.

    I’m left totally stunned that something that was nothing at all could blow up to such proportions with this person.

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