On Current Dearth of Juicy Tidbits

I'm headed to Scotland next week!!! :)

I feel sort of guilty for not really giving you guys any juicy insights into my personal life lately, but that’s because things are pretty static and there’s really not much to tell at the moment.  I’m still visiting with Vicki Day in London and scooping entrepreneurial business tips from her brilliant mind, which is fun, but nothing particularly dramatic like my trailer being towed from Wal-Mart or other such harrowing tales to regale you with.  Not just yet, anyhow.

Ooh, except that I’m apparently *~*~*finally*~*~* getting the first half of the book advance on Monday, which will catapult me into relative financial solvency, at least for now.  So, yay!  *does the book advance dance* Following which, I can give Vicki’s über-patient daughter Alice back her room and head northwards to bounce around the lovely country of Scotland some more.

Still haven’t decided when I’m heading back to California yet, but in the meantime, I’m “subletting” my trailer to another homeless gentleman, a friend of another woman staying on the same lot as me.  This way, I don’t have to worry about also paying rent while I’m out here, and I get the added bonus of feeling like I’ve helped somebody out (woot!)  Thanks so much to Sage for facilitating all of this, by the way.

So, I guess at least I’m making the most of my first time travelling out of the country!  I’m earning the very first stamp in my very first passport, dammit.

In the meantime, I have the weekend at my disposal, so today I’m off to run around London and take care of some important business in preparation for travelling next week.

Also, yes, I’m aware that HomelessTales.com has been down for several weeks.  I was initially under the impression that it was a matter of someone forgetting to pay the hosting fee or something equally simple to fix, but according to the gentleman who hosts it for Matt, the server was apparently hacked by a disgruntled former employee, the password changed, and the account closed.  It’s not irreversible, the files are still there, but it’s been one headache after another trying to rescue it and re-establish everything.  Sources tell me it’ll be back up Friday or Saturday… I’m really hoping that’s correct, though, because prior to this, I was under the impression that it would be up last week or even earlier.  So, fingers crossed  If you’re on the Street Voices crew, apologies for the delay!  I know you’re going through withdrawals and itching to post again.

Talk soon!


  1. Hey, Bri, sounds like things are moving forward. Lovely!
    I just tried to post the following in response to your last article, but the “Submit” button wasn’t available (weird). Perhaps you could reposition this for me to the correct spot. Thanks!:

    ~Bri, another great article. Thanks!

    ~Mo, I really appreciated your mentioning “women and families fleeing bad domestic situations” as many people do not realize that a lot of women & children, who are homeless, are in that situation due to escaping from abusive relationships. I have been one of them. Especially, for children, it can be devastating not to be able to have their pets with them AND, if the pets are left behind with the abuser, then the pets are also at risk for abuse. Not a good scenario.

  2. Hi Bri, I have read your blog from the beginning and I’m SO happy for you getting your book advance! I am in BC, Canada and here there is a waiting list to get housing and it has been over 4 years so far. The housing is given to the “most in need” which is fine because I receive $906.00 a month from my disability (fibromyalgia, etc.) But after rent, that leaves me with $200 a month. Still I am not complaining because I have a roof over my head and I get to keep my dog! So many rentals, maybe 80%, will NOT take dogs!
    People really underestimate what it is like to have a dog. I honestly would forgo housing if I had to give her up. It would be like giving up a child. I know that sounds crazy but when you loose a house, that I had for over 30 years because I could not work anymore (I had to fight for disability pension and did not get it in time to save my house), my dog is my constant. She loves me no matter what~she is there for me. When the homeless go to shelters~there HAS to be a way to bring their dogs! It is all that they have in the world! You are lucky that someone could take care of your big dog! If rentals here do take dogs, then there is a size limit! Mostly no more that the a foot tall. Hopefully you will be reunited with your big, lovable dog soon and get the place you will love!

  3. Terry Ann says:

    Thanks for the update. I hope things get better and better. As for me, I got my Social Security but is till only pay my bills and not a place to stay. I have good credit and would rather die as to have it get bad again as I MUST have a small home to live in. I need to do some random work here and there for cash or have a money fairy pay my small debts down to where I can live on my Soc Sec. I really don’t want to be on it but for now I have no choice.
    I can research on the computer or make phone calls. I was great in sales.
    Anyway keep up the good work. I am excited for you.
    I am currently snowed in at the place I am staying and I am being subjected to the beligerant talk of the person who co owns the storage/apt. He is not supposed to be here much but came into town and got snowed in here. I am so miserable. I just want to give up and be done with this all.
    Crying. Depressed.
    Sorry, YOU keep up the good work. I will hopefully be around to keep up with you.
    Stuck in TN

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