Homelessness, NIMBYism, and Golf – George Carlin Tells It Like It Is

My friend Jon in Ireland (aka “Beat on the Street” on various homeless forums) posted this on my Facebook today.  If you are wondering what the heck homelessness has to do with golf, here’s your chance to find out.

There is a fair amount of the standard salty George Carlin language in the clip, so if that offends you, you probably shouldn’t watch.

I have to agree with him on golf, though (and I just know somebody will skewer me for this) – but golf is THE most boring game on the planet.  I NEVER got the point of it.  Same as baseball, which is supposed to be the great American sport.  Like golf, I can’t watch baseball.  It’s like death by tranquilizer.

Give me basketball any day.  There’s a game that makes me want to jump through the TV and land in the middle of all the action.  THAT should be “America’s sport” (OK, let the flamings commence).


  1. Very funny and what a good idea …….”love the meaningless, mindless activity “description of golfers.
    Plus who understands the scoring when they use terminology like “birdie”……….

  2. Chris van B says:

    No flame. To the non-golfer, golf can be rather uninteresting (I won’t go as far as boring). I didn’t start golfing myself until I was 23 or 24. But watching golf, I had a whole new perspective since I know knew so much more about the game and how difficult it can be, etc.

    As for baseball, well, it’ll never rope anyone in the way basketball, hockey or football will because of it’s pace. Something even remotely interesting only happens every 2-3 minutes. And football while similar to baseball with it’s stop and go flow of play, at least seems to have more interesting moments than a baseball game, plus it has more to it in the orchestration of 11 players moving in some sort of syncronicity on either side of the ball.

    I grew up on baseball, and it was my first and only spectator sport for several years before I accepted the others. But now even I find it difficult to watch games that aren’t during the playoffs.

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  4. B ... a different one says:

    A work colleague who has season tickets gave us his tickets to watch the Padres play the Cubs/Sox (one o’ the Chicago teams).

    We were in the stadium and watched Sammy Sosa hit number 49/59/69 (one o’ those kinda’ numbers).

    I vaguely enjoyed it, because I had been trained for the pace of the game. My spousal unit is British. He said, “That was more boring than watching girls playing rounders.”

    “Rounders” is a game played by teenage girls in the UK. It’s also the foundation of the game of baseball. He figured this was akin to watching paint dry. With breaks for the commercials (mix of we were there but manyfolx watched on TV).

    At least the crowd was entertaining at the game we watched. There were lots of strolling ‘performance artists’. And even we joined into the many ‘waves’.

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