Those Who Aren't So Lucky

Something I think it’s always important to point out:  Compared to many, I have been and continue to be damn lucky.

I was fortunate enough to garner some media attention that has brought me opportunities.  True, I’m not in a house/apartment of my own just yet, but I’ve taken tremendous strides forward from the Walmart parking lot, and new possibilities continue to pop up here and there.  I am light years ahead of where I was, and the vast majority of it is due to sheer, dumb luck.

Not everyone is so lucky.  Most don’t get this kind of media attention, they go unnoticed.  And many are in very dire circumstances, much worse than my own.

It’s a double-edged sword, this good fortune I’ve had.  On the one hand, I’m very woohoo, perhaps my ship is finally coming in! On the other hand, I’m just one person.  It makes it all the more depressing to read about or even receive emails from hundreds more homeless people, many in far more horrible situations than mine ever has been, who need help.  I want to save all of them, and since I clearly can’t, perhaps the best I feel I can do is continue to try to make others aware of their plight, add their voices to my own.


  1. Terry Ann says:

    Thanks for not forgetting us out here.

  2. That is sad. These are alll human beibgs who are really getting screwed big time. Tears me up .

  3. anonymous says:

    Thank you for writing this post.

  4. Girl, you are an inspiration, I know we can make it if we help each other.
    Keep on sharing your story, it’ important.

  5. As always, a pleasure to read what’s going on in your life and the lives of those you’re intersecting with. I can attest to the fact that the great folks at Homeless Tales are a familial bunch and, although I know none of them in person, I feel closer to them than I do many of the people I know in my daily life.

    A huge slice of raisin pie to you Bri, for your spirit and “gumption” (haven’t heard that word since my mom passed away back in 1996!), Keep fighting the good fight and I look forward to reading more about your exploits and successes!

  6. Nancy Miller says:

    Helen is staying with a nice lady who gave her a room in her house.

    She’s not homeless…

  7. Thank you, Nancy. I have done some background investigating and will address certain issues that have arisen regarding Helen.

    I appreciate your time and bringing my attention to these matters.


  8. Hi,
    When are you going to address these “certain issues that have arisen regarding Helen?”
    Last week I came across her story through your blog, and I went to her site and made a contribution to Paypal.
    If she’s in need, I have no regrets. However, now I’m not so sure.

  9. Thanks Bri. I also sent you a PM.

  10. claudia jones says:

    i am a 38 yr old female from uppermiddle tn. i
    am currantly homeless. i had a car accident 12-17-08 that wasn’t my fault. i was working for elmo greer & sons driving a 777 cat. which i became state certified to drive. you should google 777’s so you’ll see what i’m talking about. anyway i was able to stay self sustained for 7 months. my savings was gone by that point. i was still in the denial faze so i hadn’t applied for disability. my thoughts were i still needed time to heal. then i could go back to work. so after i couldn’t afford to pay the bills anylonger i moved in with my very selfish brother. at the time i thought he was returning the favor from when he and his family needed a place i was there. but after being there a couple of months and him coming up with the ways he would bennifit from the settlement i’ll get after the surgeries i need. but he didn’t know that it can take a year or more after i moved in to recieve it. so he starts saying how he needs a 2 car garage and that i could have it built and add an apartment on top. then i could live there for 3 yrs and pay my own utilities. after the 3 yrs i’d have to start paying him rent. i told him he was out of his mind and that when ever i do settle i’d buy myself a place . he started bothering me almost daily to go ahead and settle that he wanted his house back. just so you know i stayed in my room unless i used the bathroom or cooked. i tried to be as invisible as possible. i have a friend who pays my phone and car ins. and sends me $100.00 every month so i can get gas for my appts. and prescriptions co=pays. my brother and his wife knew this. i was waiting for my monthly allotment which should’ve come on a friday. by monday i still hadn’t recieved it and was talking to my 10 yr old niece and had mentioned the letter i was waiting on. she said it had come on friday and since i was gone to an appointment she gave it to her mother. which her mother denies. so anyway they stole the money and with my brother constantly riding me i could’t mentally take it any longer and moved into my tiny car. i have been living in it about a month, the pain stays at an 8 out of 10 with meds. there are no programs, churches that can help. i get foodstamps so i’m not hungry. my parents have my oyher bro. and his family living with them so there is no rom. they said if i could some how get a camper they would let me put it on their property. they already have hook-ups. if i could get a camper it woud get me out of this car and i’d be able to get my surgeries and have a stable place to recuperate, once thats done then i could settle with the ins. co. and get on with my life. i have 3 disks in lowest part of my back that are almost completly gone and 5 in my neck that are just a little better. if you could help with a decent camper this can help emensly. thanx c j

  11. Nancy and B, I know what you’re talking about and have more elements to help you address those “issues”. Not sure if you’re interested but PM me if you are.

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