Radio New Zealand Interview; CNN; Today Show

Interview – Radio New Zealand (Nine to Noon)

Above is the link to the audio file of my interview Tuesday with New Zealand’s NPR show Nine to Noon.  Sorry, my cell phone connection flickered at a couple of points, but overall I feel like I did decent.

Surprise; CNN news anchor Ted Rowlands called in the morning and asked if CNN could come film a segment.  Thinking he meant in a few days, I said absolutely.  Come to find out, he meant in about 2 1/2 hours!  Panic mode.  Dude; Ted Rowlands and his awesome camera guy were in our trailer today.  Very surreal.  They were fantastic, by the way.  Very personable and set me at ease, so I barely noticed that I was in front of a camera.  They stuck around for about an hour and a half; not sure how long the segment itself will be.  It might air Wednesday morning or (more likely) Thursday morning.  If I get any more info beforehand, I will post it; otherwise, I’ll embed the video on the blog.

In about 5 1/2 hours I fly out to New York, where I be on The Today Show Thursday morning with E. Jean Carroll (my first time meeting her in person).  I can confirm that we are scheduled to be on around 10:30 a.m., and we are being interviewed by Hoda Kotbe and Kathie Lee Gifford.  Will try to get and embed this video as well in a post, if you’re not able to watch.  Sadly, Matt will not be able to accompany me to NY, although I tried my darndest to get them to fly him out as well.  Sadness.

So, yep yep!  After my Today Show appearance, I will be attending a couple of meetings in NY, and then leaving Manhattan to fly home in the early evening.  Should be back home by midnight, Friday morning.  Very, very busy.  And tired.  But all super exciting.

* * * * *

Confidential to Stacey Niffenegger in Gilroy, CA:  I just received your very touching letter in my P.O. box.  Besides thanking you for your very kind and personal words, I wanted to tell you that you are fantabulous and I know you will do superbly at finishing out college.  Your determination to commute an hour each way to and from school to better yourself each day is inspiring to me, as I have yet to finish college myself (or indeed, to attend any classes other than community college ones).  Keep up the awesome work, and know that it’s OK and normal to feel overwhelmed sometimes, especially with a mountainous task like higher education before you.  You rock, chika!


P.S.  There is a rat or mouse in our trailer.  We’re not sure which, but either way… gross!  It got into a bag of chips and a sack of potatoes.  Ewwwww.  I hate killing things, but traps must be bought!


  1. ~BRAVO, Bri!!! “May the Force [& Angels] be with you” along your upcoming journey to New York. Be sure to keep breathing. You will do fabulously in your interviews and the meeting with E.Jean. Everyone is gonna LOVE you!

    Thank you so very much for advocating for homeless issues, Bri. You are acting as the “voice of Spirit on earth” (Karen Drucker lyrics) & as a result, I know that great things will come of all this.

    Am looking forward to seeing you in 3D at some point in the not-too-distant future.

    You are in my thoughts & prayers, honey!

    Mystery, Magic, & Miracles heading your way,
    Rev. Cynthia

  2. I found your blog via a post on Crazy Days and Nights a little while ago and have been hooked ever since. I sincerely hope that all of this media exposure isn’t solely voluntary on your part – that you’re being compensated somehow so you can get your RV back and hopefully find some kind of more permanent shelter. Your story is an amazing one and you tell it incredibly well. Thank you and good luck to you. :-)

  3. Rock on, Bri & Matt! I hope you don’t mind that I affectionately refer to you as “my” homeless girl.

    Not a bad idea for everyone! Adopt a Homeless Person, and give them a leg up for a minute. Amazing things may happen, Glory Be!

    Thank You Universe for so many blessings! No matter how bleak things may appear at the moment, “this too shall pass.” If you live like you are just one moment away from something wonderful, chances are it will be a self-fulfilling prophesy. I love that you have created this reality for yourself, and am having fun participating on the periphery!

  4. Bri! I’m a little behind on reading but it seems like the last few days have been just crazy busy for you. Looking forward to seeing you on TV in a few hours – shine like a star!

    If you want to have lunch or coffee today after your star turn and any meetings you have set up, email or DM me – I’m around all day (in the East Village) and you can easily get here by train (6, N/R, or F.) Or I’ll come meet you. :-)

  5. Great news Bri, can’t wait to see the videos!

  6. Just saw you on the today show! You go girl, good for you!! Good luck!

  7. Thanks Bri for representing we middle class homeless.
    Finally some national recognition.
    I am 55. Homeless for over a year. Son in Grad school.
    Tried moving from Cali to TN my home town but small towns and relatives in them are NOT understanding. I want to go back to Cali. Be closer to my son. Get insurance so I can get treatment and be able to work. I was part of the working disabled and lost my benefits. Waiting a year to Maybe get my SS disability back. THEN I want to work and not depend on it. I have fibromyalgia, panic attacks, depression and and a lower back injury. All can be eased with treatment. Since not having ins. I have gone down hill. I was a health nut, a CA Real Estate Agent and a Wt Loss Counselor while on disability. Well the RE was not doing well so I went for a job in Counseling. I loved it. The company closed all of its centers Nationwide. I looked for a long time. Decided to move to TN to live cheaper.Then my disability cks stopped. (note. there is a period of working allowed during disability time to help possibly getting back to work without ANY disability, I was almost there when I lost it.)
    I had one family member I stayed with a bit but she had nervous issues with having anyone around so it is better for me to not be there. She is 73 and I do not want her to not feel her best.
    I am shocked, devastated. In my hometown, where my last name is prominent, and I am homeless.
    For the first time in my life I have hit a brick wall. No plan B.
    Fibromyalgia in a current flare.
    I pushed a local clinic for a referral to pain management. I won’t take pain meds. Don’t like the side affects. Finally got an appt with a Brain and Spinal Doc. I did not have the 200.00 for the initial consultation so I had to cancel. I am sure the epidural and physical therapy would really be costly .That will probably hurt my disability case as they need to see that I am seeing docs in order to reconsider me.
    Sorry to ramble. I just wanted to thank you. You represented well. We are not bums, druggies, alcoholic, or lazy.
    I have no blame for my situation. It is what it is. I am not angry.
    I will admit, with chest pains coming often and never in the past, I do fear not seeing my son again at times.
    I want to live, be happy and have a home my son can come to for any reason.
    I too will help others, Bri.

  8. How awesome for you!

  9. protectkidz says:

    just read the article about you on

    YOU are an amazing girl!

    Keep up the good work.

  10. Hi Bri! Just read your story on CNN. You are brave, awesome, and your positive outlook on life will take you far.

    I thought it was cool that you have a dog named Fezzik. So do I! Only my dog is a 12 pound bichon/poodle mix. He’s a tiny dog with a huge personality. :)

    Stay safe and positive, and good luck with your upcoming travels.

  11. Thanks for being a voice for the broken and disadvantaged! Sometimes things just bottom out, and you had the grace to look it square in the eye. Now, countless “eyes” are reading about the fragility so many experience because of your story!

    PS – I love the dog, but “Inigo” is a killer name too ;)


  12. another friendly hug to you… I had a one night stay in a walmart lot, some 10 yrs ago (and was 50ish at the time). It is an eye opener for sure. I don’t need to explain to YOU that the stereotype is enough to kill, and screaming…
    10 YRS down the line, I am remarried, and my youngest dau. just had her 1st baby earlier this week. She, hubby and baby had no where else to be either, except moving back here with us. 5 humans and 3 cats in a 2 bdrm apt… and we are blessed to have that.
    If the ONLY ANSWER turns out to be that sense of spirit that you show.. then you surely have that. You were put where you are, for a reason/ purpose.
    Mouse and all.

  13. The Lovely Duckling says:

    I just heard your story and found this blog today. You are what’s on my mind on facebook today, so that others will think about you and your cause. Thank you so much for being extraordinarily human and sharing your story.

    A little gift of words…

    “The poorest human being has something to give that the richest could not buy.”
    –George M. Adams

  14. Hi Brianna,

    I read the CNN report how blogging began a turnaround for you. I am grateful for your candidness about your [and your new found mate's] recent unemployment and housing difficulty.

    I’m a mother of a 29 year old daughter that is homeless [by choice, she said.] Her current domicile is the doorway of the Alameda County Administration Building in Oakland; before that she was sleeping in a drug-infested park [did I mention she is also an addict and sex worker]; and before that her home was underneath the freeway overpass.

    I’m curious. As a mom profoundly struggling to understand my daughter’s circumstance, is there a new definition of homelessness memo that I didn’t get? The CNN report indicates that you live in a trailer, not on the streets.

    Is the new definition of homelessness not living in one’s original residence or preferred habitat versus the streets? So living in a trailer – when a person would much rather live in an apartment or a condo or a single-family home – is considered being homeless?

    Reading the CNN report, I thought there must be something I don’t understand because unquestionably I [and likely thousands other mothers and fathers] would suffer far less concern and anguish for my daughter’s safety and wellbeing if she at least lived in a trailer.

    A mother trying to understand so I can cope.

  15. Where do you get food?

  16. Wow your story is so amazing! Very cool NZ radio interviewed you. I’m an American currently living in NZ. I must check out your interview with them! Keep up everything that you’re doing and I’m so excited for what’s to come!

  17. Dear de-liberated mind,

    Thank you for your comment on my blog.

    The federal definition of homelessness does indeed cover those living out of trailers and other habitats unsuitable for long-term living. You can read more about the federal definition of homelessness here. Clearly, living out of a trailer with no utilities, facilities, or stability is not suitable as a permanent and sustainable lifestyle. You might ask if the thousands of individuals staying in homeless shelters are truly homeless – after all, they too have a roof over their head and a basic form of shelter, do they not? Also, as has been pointed out, for 6 months I have not (and still am not) staying in a legal, up-to-code domicile. This means that my situation is tenuous and precarious at best.

    I am only one aspect of homelessness. Clearly, there are those such as your daughter, who are in more dire circumstances than me and are in need of proper assistance and treatment. I share my experiences with homelessness to help bring awareness to ALL homeless individuals of various backgrounds, and that includes those struggling with drug abuse and mental illness. ALL homeless individuals should have access to the help that they need, and should be regarded as people, rather than as “bums”. The fact that there are varying degrees of struggles and resources that different individuals have access to, however, does not make any one more or less homeless than the other.

    My thoughts are with you and your family. I hope that your daughter’s situation improves, please let me know if there is anything that I can do to help; I would be more than happy to refer you to some friends who have been there, done that and could point you in the right direction for resources and support.

    Best Regards,

  18. Dear John G.,

    I bought food with the money that I earned while I was an employed homeless person. That employment recently ended, and I have been making due with the amount that I had accrued to put towards getting an apartment or a mortgage, whichever proved most feasible first.

    Thank you for your comment,

  19. You are rocking now! Congrats and if you ever get to Hawaii look me and my wife up. I am alos listing Humanitarian Volunteer Social Network THINKWINWIN at for you to check out.

    Just remember…. keep writing

    Robin Hood

  20. Thanks for sharing your story Brianna,

    Tomorrow, I shall be joining you in the oh so lovely land of homelessness in LA. I, too, am an Exec Assistant but I’m also an actor. Oddly enough, I’m working temporarily on the WB lot and at this moment temping for a casting director, ha! Gives new meaning to ‘so close, yet so far’. Nothing is quite working out, work is unstable and I’m unable to afford rent. We have similar stories, so as crappy as this sounds, it’s nice to hear I’m not the only one. I know, selfish, sorry. I’m very scared as I only have my Taurus to stay in, luckily it has a large back seat which when I bought it I thought would be great for hauling costumes and equipment… not, blankets and me. The rest of my belongings are going into storage. I’m trying to remain upbeat and positive and take it as a life lesson… but… it’s tough. I haven’t told my mother simply because I know she would literally worry herself into a heart attack. She lives in Michigan and sadly my family unable to help me out financially as they work in the car industry (it’s doing OH so well these days). Thank you for blogging about your experiences, I appreciate it more than you know. I think it will help me to know that when I’m looking at the stars through my car door, someone else is too.

    You rule. Great things are going to happen for you, I’m sure of it. :)

  21. Bri: I cannot remember how I stumbled upon this site, but am I ever so glad I did! You are one incredible young lady with a huge heart and courage the size of all of America. Your gift of words is such a comfort to all who read this blog. Congratulations on your interviews! Matt is one lucky young man to have someone like you to love. All the best!

  22. If you are still homeless after being on TV and on the radio, there is something seriously wrong with the United States. The American Dream is quickly turning into the American Myth.

  23. Bri,
    Re: Rodents
    Get the battery traps, they’re made by Victor. You put batteries in them and some peanut butter. Little bastards get electrocuted (quickly and humanely, imho – I’ve seen those regular spring traps go awfully, cruelly wrong).
    Plus, you don’t have to really even look at them, there’s a little light that comes on when you’ve got one and then you just dump it and reload.
    They’re great. I think they run about $15, but it’s the best money I’ve ever spent.

  24. Saw your article on CNN. Just have to say it always makes my heart flutter when I see bloggers getting GOOD attention! Congrats on your new Elle success and best wishes to you!

  25. hello, lovely -

    i just discovered your blog and am only beginning to read up on your story.

    but already i am amazed and proud of you for everything that you have struggled through! i think you are an incredible inspiration for persistence and perseverance, bravery and optimism.

    thank you so very much for sharing your story; the world really does need to hear it!


  26. Great writing and stories – I’ve enjoyed reading through your blog.

    I’m curious though whether or not Walmart helped you recover any of the towing/storage fees for your trailer. Thanks!


  27. Read the article on CNN and I just wanted to wish you the best of luck. Will keep you in my thoughts, stay strong. You can do it!

  28. I had mice in my RV. You can buy no-kill mouse traps at Lowes. The mouse gets his feet stuck on a pad. Just be careful when pulling them off and releasing them, (wear thick work gloves).

  29. I found you via CNN. May your exposure help you to find relief from your situation, and may you, going forward, continue in your work to aid the homeless. Homelessness is not a crime, and you are absolutely right! it doesn’t mean you have to be a bum! Those who receive a health care bill for services not covered by their insurance stand as much chance as anyone of ending up in the situation in which you find yourself. The hype will die down soon, but my you find peace as the result of having chosen to be proactive rather than defeated.


  30. congrats on everything! this is super exciting and it’s a great story that you are doing a great service for… too? whatever. keep on rocking chica! i’m pullin’ for ya! :)

  31. You are so inspiring!!!

  32. Hey there!

    I just found your post through CNN. I’m so happy to see positive energy being spread by the news.

    I want to lead you to another blog that I think you might like. A fellow Internet Marketer, Tellman Knudson is running accross America right now barefoot to raise money for homeless children. He is running the country in 99 days to raise $100M. Like yourself, he has a awesome story.

    I would also like to offer you some services to your blog, at no charge. I have a team who know WP and would love to discuss some ideas to help you gain more exposure. My email is attached to this post.

    Once again, thank you for your time to put this content together. I’m inspired by your efforts and I’m pleased that you are spreading so much positive energy.

  33. I forgot to give you the blog of Tellman!

    3000+ miles
    Running barefoot to raise $100m for homeless children.

  34. Hi Bri. Have just started to read your blog and would like you to know that I am pulling for you. My situation is tenuous now also so I can appreciate what you are going through. Had a thought when I was reading your blog, are you aware of something called Goggle Ad Sense? If not, you might want to check it out. It does not cost anything. It allows Google to put ads after your entries or to the right and if people click on them you get paid money for them clicking on it. Just a thought. I’m sure you get a lot of input, but as your blog seems to be getting national attention it is something you might want to consider. I wish you all the best. Ann

  35. Hi Bri, James above reminded me too…what happened with Walmart regarding those fees?

  36. Hi Adam,

    I finally spoke with them last week. They said that they would look into it and have since gone quiet. Nothing yet. Hopefully the wheels are turning. A fantastic writer, Tommy Christopher, has been trying to work with them to mediate the situation and help get my things returned to me. Fingers crossed.


  37. hi bri. amazing how positive you seem to be even under these circumstances. i am married, mom of 5, and barely living paycheck to paycheck. ive actually been out of work since may 09 with back injury and surgery. i also suffer from fbromyalgia. we are always 2 months behind on the mortgage and other bills as well. i get so frustrated. i can only imagine how you feel, i wish there was a way i could help. i guess we need to remind ourselves that there are so many other people who would like to be in our shoes rather than their own. im due to go back to work next week as a cna, very physical hard work in a nursing home, not sure if i can do it physically, but i will try to motivate/encourage myself to get thru it and realize i am fortunate to be employed. may God bless you and Keep you ! p.s. where do u shower ?

  38. Hi Bri,

    My fingers are crossed for you:)

  39. Hi, Brianna,

    Just read the article about you from I’m moved by the fact that you didn’t give up. So glad that you finally found a path out of your downturn! A civilized society should not have fellow human beings living on the streets. Hope things will get better for you and other homeless people in the future.

  40. I just read the article they did on you on CNN. My sister is finding herself to be in a similar situation, though I’m afraid without the high hopes and humor. She is a nanny and her husband is a youth pastor in Kings Mountain, NC. They were just married May 9th and she ended up getting pregnant somewhere between the wedding night and the honey moon cruise. With a baby on the way, she is finding it hard to find anyone willing to keep her as nanny. They can no longer afford their apartment and are most likely going to have to move into a trailer. I’ve been searching for any apartment within their budget, but am having no luck. I’m going to send her this article, and hope that it gives her as much hope as it gave me for her situation.

  41. a transgender says:

    Your story touched me. Best of luck to your new future! I’m not homeless now, but I probably will be homeless when I’m too old to work. I’m under-employed, and I simply won’t be saving up enough money for retirement. I do consider myself lucky to have a job for the time being, because people can still be legally fired for being a transgender and not many companies would hire a transgender to begin with. There was a close call where I almost ended up as homeless.

  42. My blog is nothing as elaborate as yours, but then neither is my talent. I am so glad that things are beginning to go well for you. I myself was living in a homeless shelter for three and a half months last year and have been making a come back and also reconciling with my hubby. These events have clarified for me how much I want to work on my own stuff to be a healthy woman and how little I really want at this time of my life. Best wishes to you.

  43. Totally random, but have you read “Windfalls” by Jean Hegland? If not, you should look into it.

  44. What an inspiration you are….You are strong and determined and I think many good things are going to come from this whole mess. Thank you for sharing this….

  45. julie jansen says:

    Wonderful blog. Thank you for doing this. I have worked with the homeless for many years and have found them the most underserved and least appreciated segment of our population. My association with my homeless friends has many times enriched my life. Sharing your life in this way helps underscore the massive needs of this group. More importantly you give a face, personality and soul to a homeless person and make it impossible to turn away. Again thank you.

  46. Just saw the article on and wanted to say congrats on your recent opportunities! How wonderful! I am glad things are looking up for you!

  47. Congrats Bri!!!

    You have inspired me more than you will ever know! Good luck!!

  48. Found your blog through the article on Have just spent the last couple of hours reading everything. Wow…you are an amazing woman! I’ve had my share of struggles…and continue to be hit with them daily…but you seem to be handling it all with style and grace. And you found true love in the midst of it all! I LOVE that! I wish you nothing but the best! Will continue to read your works as well!

  49. Found your blog through and found it fasinating reading.

    Did I miss something but what happened to the towed truck and trailer? Did you stump up the money and get it back?

  50. I want to thank you for shedding light on the unknown increase in homelessness that is now affecting many who would never have thought it would…

    I, too, found myself underemployed, then injured, then without a house… I was left to contemplate a shopping cart but decided to use my last money to purchase a motorhome (yes, I sold my car to do this) to live in. The previous owner said it was a great buy and road-worthy.

    But it wasn’t and it wasn’t even smogged. So, I’ve worked on it myself (I’m a semi-disabled grandma with a bad shoulder and no use of my left arm), begged others to help, and did manage to pay my hefty california license/reg fees… of course, I have no money now to pay to smog it ($125) and since the plates are out of date, I have to drive 120 miles (one way) to the nearest DMV to get a one-trip permit to drive home (another 120 miles… or would be if I had a car to drive) to then spend another $50-$100 in gas to drive the motorhome to a smog place and back.

    I just can’t. I’m not even sure I can pay my rent, electricity, propane, storage (for the things that don’t fit into this 25 ft. motorhome), phone and internet (I work online)…

    It’s dire. And let’s not even get to talking about healthcare!

    But, I would like to thank you for exposing the realities many of us — especially seniors, women, families — are facing every day. I consider myself lucky that my shopping cart is a motorhome I OWN.

  51. Hello from New Zealand. I found your blog through CNN. I have just spent the day reading all your posts starting from Feb.

    This is the first time I’ve ever read an entire blog. Perhaps when you’ve reached a “happy ending” you could write a book.

    Lots of love to you and Matt and wishing you all the best.

    PS: I’ll send an email to Walmart about the fees… every little bit helps.

  52. YOU are an inspiration. thank you for this blog,please let me know if there is any way i can help

  53. Found your website through….
    I so sympathize with what you’re going through, but you have it way worse than I do. At least I still have a job…
    I had to put notice in to my apt complex…moving in with friends. Also, I’m on the verge of seeing bankruptcy lawyers, as my wages are getting garnished now and I have other debtors going after my blood all at the same time. I’m a 33 year old single female, in a state where I have no family. I’m on my OWN. My family is back in Louisiana but I don’t want to go back there. No jobs, for one.
    I’ve felt homelss for at least 5 years. Never unpacked since I moved to AZ. I’m so sick of feeling this way. Living with other people, being at the mercy of other people, always feeling uprooted. Its so difficult to stay grounded. I’ve pretty much done the opposite of you in coping; I’ve isolated myself from friends, because I’m depressed all the time and don’t want to bring anybody down. I have no car, no internet, no tv, and only recently got a cellphone after a year.
    The upside is that I’m determined to get published one day. All this alone-time can be somewhat useful. :)
    Ah well. nothing is forever. I am so glad to have found this website. Someone should write a book about the homeless wave in America now. Homeless: Its What’s For Dinner. :D

    Stay strong!

  54. Bri,

    I, also, found your blog on CNN. I am so happy that I did. While I am not in your situation I have come close a couple times. My husband and I lived in a 24′ travel trailer in a campground for the first year of our marriage. No running water, no heat, just us and the two dogs. We were lucky to work at the campground so no gas used to get to work, but it was tough. We have since moved to Maine to be closer to his family and now my dad lives with us. We were able to buy a home and I have a great job at the University of Maine, with benefits including college classes for free.

    It can be a long haul out of a terrible place but you are strong and have the love of a good man, two things no one can take away from you.

    I will keep you in my thoughts and I look forward to reading more of your story.

    Kiss Fezzick and Matt for me and big hugs to you.


  55. Saw someone mention a no kill trap solution for your mouse but it sounded like it takes care and gloves. I’ve had great success using a 2 gal plastic bucket with a lid. cut a hole in the center of the lid about an inch in diameter. Put peanut butter in the bottom of the bucket. Put the bucket under the kitchen sink or wherever you think the critter is likely to be. Mouse goes down the hole easily and enjoys the peanut butter but in order to get out again, he has to be smart enough to jump straight up from the center. Mice mostly aren’t that smart. In the morning you have a mouse or maybe 2 that you can take to a more mouse friendly location and release without gloves or much stress for anyone involved.

    Good luck with everything.

  56. Bri – it’s such a powerful and compelling story you’re weaving; keep fighting the good fight – so many of our brothers and sisters are looking on with hope that one day, they too will be “discovered” in some way and life will change for the better. Your inspiration and determination are awesome and I wish you nothing but success for the rest of your life!

  57. Bri..
    this is a copy of the meesage I sent to Wallmart..It’s the best I can do for the moment…Chuck

    Good Morning
    I’m writing in hopes that you (The Corporation) will find a way to get this girls trailer and vehicle out of impound. I can’t buy all of my daughters school supplies at the same time, because of my personal economic issues, but ILL do part 1 at your store, in good faith. If by my next pay period you haven’t fixed your mistake, ILL shop elsewhere for the rest of it and do none of my Christmas shopping with you at all…

  58. Spent the afternoon reading your entire blog from start to finish after finding a link on CNN. The whole site is amazing, from the information and links provided to your own experiences of how easily things can fall right down or be picked up when you don’t have a home. You don’t just have an important story to tell, or a service to provide, you do it with such style and poise as well… I can’t help but think you’re a credit to the best things the internet can enable, not to mention an incredible person.

    Best of luck to you (and your boys), Bri.


    Edinburgh, Scotland.

  59. Well I emailed Walmart and got some generic blanket statement response. What tossers!

    So I wrote again… I’m feeling a bit bull-terrierish about this.

  60. Hi Bri,
    I hope this finds you well.
    If I may make a suggestion. You don’t need to kill the mice or rats. There are humane traps which can catch them and then you can release them. If you google, there are a number of humane no-kill traps available.

    Here is some advice on no kill solutions for removing wild rats from your home.

    It’s good that you don’t like to kill. Just try and remember to keep your foodstuffs in containers and keep benches clean etc, and you shouldn’t have any trouble with rats, mice, ants etc.
    If you are having trouble locating a humane trap, let me know and I will try and help you find one online.

    I am having good thoughts for you and wishing you the very best in everything. :) Trisha


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