Ask E. Jean Update!

Wooooooooot!  E. Jean got back to me (thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!); my internship starts Sept. 1st!  Best of all, she was kind enough to tailor it to my circumstances by making it an hour a day, 6 days a week, so I still should be able to work a regular job (which is fantastic, since this week I’ve had several places express interest – tomorrow I’m interviewing as Executive Assistant at The Alzheimer’s Association, yay for nonprofit work!  Also have had interest expressed by a celebrity author/animal rights activist (PA), aerospace company (EA) and medical management company (EA).

Sooooo… things are looking up!  Which is great, because it cost quite a bit to fix my car (just finished today) and now Matt and I are running incredibly low on funds (although much better than we would be, thanks to the super-generous people who sent us donations), but it doesn’t even matter right now because I’m so ecstatic!  I have the awesomest internship that will make my CV look fantastic, and I’m likely to get a decent-paying  job within the week  :)

Poor Matt.  He’s been such a trouper.  I woke him up this morning gasping/screaming/flailing madly, having stumbled upon my own story on Save The Assistants (awesome blog run by awesome people; I highly recommend checking it out!)  Poor guy bolted upright all bleary-eyed and panicked, terrified that something was horribly, deathly wrong.  He was a very good sport about it though, and he’s very happy for me, though I’ve been ignoring him all day in favor of job applications, internship freakouts on FB and Twitter, and picking up propane/milk for us.  So I think I should probably sign off now and go give him some attention and cuddles.

Cheers and much love to my readers!



  1. I was really happy to hear of this great news coming after that idiocy with Wal-Mart. Congratulations on not just opening the door when opportunity knocked, but chasing it down the street when you missed it at first. I look forward to reading how the internship goes.


  2. BabySinister says:


    just read your story, the internship deal entered :)

    i would like to wish you the best of luck in landing this internship, and make it big time.

    congratulations from the Netherlands!

  3. BabySinister says:

    btw this is the entry containing your story

    dont mind the comments, their idiots :)

  4. Congrats on the internship! You are on your way to becoming the next Chris Gardner, start writing a script and don’t be surprised when Hollywood comes chasing this story. :-D

  5. I truly believe that we can make on our jobs, and make ourselves very valuable in the work world if we try. Homeslessness, for a while, determination for a lifetime. I believe in you.

  6. I’m SO happy for you. This is such an inspiring story. Congratulations and good luck with the rest of your life :-)

  7. Big Congrats!! Great things are waiting for you!

  8. Super-duper excellent news!

    Am so thrilled for you and know that you’re intership will lead to something extremely postive in your life.

    This is a 4 Gold Stars post!

  9. Hey, just got a hold of your story. I am also unemployed and looking for a job myself. Although I do have a place to call home and I took the opportunity to start a master in public administration, I completely relate to your story. It’s not a super time right now to look for a job since the market is overcrowded. You are very inspiring and gutsy.

    I have a few sites to recommend (and maybe you already know all of this):

    I suggest that you look for a women center in your area like WYMCA or on the web. They often offer useful career and job resources and connections. is a Canadian employment site for non profit.

    Good luck!

  10. Dear Bri,

    What an amazing story this is. If I would have written this script I don’t know that it would have been believable. The best of luck to you doll, and I hope to contact you directly via email soon.


    Zach G.

  11. You might consider writing a memoir about all this.

  12. Hi Bri,

    I’ve just looked through several pages of your blog archive. Your story is truly inspiring. Good for you and don’t give up. You sound like you are one of those people who will make it no matter what.

    I hope things settle down soon and that you, your dog, and your man all have a safe and calm place to be every night — preferably that house you are after! Congratulations on the Elle internship, and good luck with all the other job prospects.

    You and / or Matt may also be interested in doing something with this.

    All the best,


  13. Awesome, awesome! Enjoy it!

  14. I logged in to AOL today & your story is on the front page! I took a screen shot for ya if you’d like it! :o )

    This internship will be your catapult!! Enjoy life!

  15. congratulations on getting the interviews! praying that at least one pans out …cuz that’s all ya really need, right? this internship is really making BIG news out there…you’ll have your career back in no time!


    Honey your in New Yorker magazine – your a star but we knew that anyway xxx

  17. God Bless You! Hope your life takes a great turn for the better. You are an inspiration to us all.

  18. Your blog was mentioned on Gawker this week, and I stumbled across the mention. Wound up devouring your whole blog. I teach writing at a school that sees a distinct lack of motivation in much of the student body, and I work with kids who let obstacles really get to them. I think you should consider motivational speaking in addition to using all your other considerable powers for good, because your story is incredibly inspiring, not to mention a huge counterargument to just about anybody’s “but I’m too *insert complaint here* to do anything with my life!” Bri, you are taking CONTROL! You are taking those lemons and making some freaking lemonade! And if it helps young women to also say you can meet and marry a British dude out of it? All the better.

    Rock on.

  19. Congrats! You are certainly being celebrated for your tenacity and your awesome spirit.

    Can’t wait to read all about your adventures and how far you are going to soar!

  20. Just heard about your blog and your big news. Congrats on this wonderful opportunity. Things can only look up from here! :)

  21. This story brought tears to my eyes. Congratulations to you for this awesome opportunity. This will open so many doors… your future is looking mighty bright!

  22. Hey Bri….just read your entire story today…you are a ROCKSTAR!!

    Congradulations on your new internship and relationship/engagement.

    Keep writing and keep rockin!

  23. Good luck and congratulations with the new opportunity!

  24. I just finished reading your post on homelessness and had to immediately consult with the dictionary. In case you are unaware, homelessness is “without shelter”, “living on the streets” with little to no means of earning an income. After reading your blogs, while I somewhat sympathize with your situation, I find it disrespectful of you to qualify yourself as “homeless” when in fact, you have several “housing” and “shelter” options that homeless people do not have the luxury of dismissing. IE, your parents home and the trailer that was removed from the Wallmart parking lot. Perhaps you need to familiarize yourself with the homeless populatin and blog about their plight. After all, you still have a laptop. I’m appauled that Elle magazine would award you with an internship under this situation. I will never purchase their magazine again and I will be spreading the word…….

  25. Dear Alicia,

    Perhaps if you read my first blog post, you might familiarize yourself a little more with my circumstances, and understand why my mothers’ home is not, in fact, a valid option for me, or a suitable environment for anyone to be in (for that matter, I was required to leave when she became violent, a common occurrence):

    You can read about the federal definition of homelessness here: As you can see, I do fall squarely under it. While I had been lucky enough to own a trailer (no longer, as it was taken without notice, along with the few possessions I had left in the world), it is not considered by any stretch of the imagination fit for long-term habitation, especially without access to utilities, cooking facilities, restroom facilities, or showering facilities. For that matter, those in shelters, living out of their cars, couch surfing with friends, or camping long-term in tents also fall squarely underneath the federal definition of homelessness, despite ostensibly having some form of roof over their head. I have had the privilege of interacting with homeless individuals from widely varied backgrounds and circumstances, including current and former drug addicts, prostitutes, those struggling with mental illness, in addition to blue collar and white collar workers. My goal is to bring attention to ALL homeless individuals, and get people talking about the subject. I consider it important that the definition of “homelessness” should be inclusive and not exclusive. In an ideal world, all in need of assistance would have access to it.

    It is unfortunate that you are appalled and will not read ELLE again. However, I am very grateful to them for their offer, and for the platform to be able to bring attention to homelessness. The hundreds of letters, encouragement, and support I have received from other homeless and formerly homeless individuals lead me to believe that you are in the minority. In any case, I appreciate the time that you took to write and express your concerns.

    Best Regards,


  26. Best of luck and please be numb to criticism, you have the chance of a lifetime and I really applaud your blogging about something so Taboo, I’m sure it has helped you through and hopefully others too.

    P.S. Alicia is a SAD SAD psycho!
    Some people have no life at all……


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