So, as of yesterday I’ve had like 25 people visit me from a vegan community on LiveJournal.  I’m intrigued, but the referring link is a protected entry, so I have no idea why I have been mentioned there.  Right now, I’m really, really hoping that I haven’t offended a bunch of vegan people somehow.

Other than that, it’s pretty slow here.  Hopefully will have some form of interesting news to post soon, but it’s been very quiet lately.  Still working on getting the vintage site up and running.  Also, Matt gets peevish at me when I try to take adorable photos of him to post here.

Next weekend, the grandparents of my half-sisters are visiting from Texas to pick up some of their inheritance from me (I need to sign over title and such things) so that should be interesting, and a slight change of pace.  Found out from the half-sisters’ mom that my mother is aware they are coming out, so right now I’m really hoping I don’t have to deal with my mother tagging along, as she generally tends to enjoy being vengeful or otherwise unpleasant and I just don’t have room in my life for that kind of negativity.

So… yup yup.  If anything interesting or otherwise exciting comes up, I’ll post it  ;)


  1. can I reccomend you pick up a book called toxic parents? you can look up some stuff on it online too, it’s helped me quite a bit trying to figure out my family and *sigh* my in laws.

  2. Thanks, Sasha! I’ll have to look into that. I could definitely use it ;)


  3. oh shoot, that was me! someone posted about an experience where a homeless person was outside a pet store looking for help trying to get his dog flea treatment. it started a discussion about what homeless people do with their companion animals (including those people who care for feral and stray animals on the streets), and what kind of assistance there is out there for homeless people with companion animals.

    i was reminded of fezzik, so i posted a link to your blog when we were talking about trying to do some research to figure out if there even *is* anything out there (as far as food and flea treatments go especially, but also general veterinary care and the fact that most shelters don’t allow animals so many folks forgo shelter to stay with their furry family members).

    sorry i made you worry! you’re awesome. i shoulda popped in and left you a note or a tweet!

  4. Hey, Jennifer! Nah, I was more intrigued than worried. I wasn’t quite sure what tGGtH had to do with veganism, but the people that visited from the site stayed on for quite a while, so you sent me some good quality traffic – thank you!

    Also, congrats again on your hubby’s new job :)


  5. I thought I’d better comment right now instead of later. If ‘ here for a long time I don’t want you to get startled; I think I scared off–I don’t know why–one guy who proclaimed homelessness. I found your blog through Twitter and I might be here for a while just reading if I don’t fall asleep over the laptop keyboard.

    I’m thinking you must be rather gutsy and probably know a lot of frugal tips and I’m looking for frugal tips right now.

    All the best.

  6. Oops, me again. I’m sort of a typo queen–see I left one in my e-mail addy. Fixed it.

  7. Hi BW,

    You are very kind :) Don’t worry, I don’t get startled when people visit tGGtH for a long time; I would hope that means they’re enjoying the site.

    Most of my frugal tips, I think I posted towards the beginning of my blog (around March or so).

    Thanks for visiting!

  8. Hi Bri~ am hoping to see an update from you. What are ya’ll up to?

    Hey, what do you know about Petco Place in Hollywood for homeless people and their pets?

  9. Hi Cynthia,

    Will try and post soon; the truth is that very little of note has been happening on this end, either good or bad, and I’ve been putting in longer hours at work for a major project that needs completing, so I haven’t had much to post or much time to do it.

    I have heard of that shelter. As far as I know, it is one of only two homeless shelters in the U.S. that allow pets. Unfortunately, I have heard that the demand often outweighs the available spots, so they are nearly always at maximum capacity. I wish there were more shelters like it, for those on the streets with beloved pets.


  10. Hey honey we have a great blogradio show tonight you might be very interested in

    This is all organised by my friend Laurie Zieber its on at 7pm Texas time which I know as 1am my time ….. so maybe I’m not going to wear the headphones and rack my neighbours off -

    The writer of this is the guest on tonights show she is homeless

    Hope you can listen in or catch it later honey

    Keep safe xxx

  11. Feb 2008. I lost everything. Homeless. I heard the economy was better out west than in Detroit (duh.) and I moved out west to Salt Lake City, UT.

    I used all of my money for gas on the trip…and then some. Yeah, sorry X Bank. I’m planning on catching that back up this week.

    I lived out of my jam-packed Jeep Grand Cherokee along with my service dog (real, live working service dog for my disability) who is a 85lb Labrador retriever.

    Sometimes we camped in Walmart parking lots. But I would move several times each night because I was afraid of getting into trouble, like what has happened to you. Plus it was cold, and what little money I had ran my Jeep to keep me from freezing to death at night. I remember the cold that would just hurt.

    August 2008. Had a job, got an apartment.

    September 2009. My Mom in Michigan lost her job working for GM after 30 years in administrative assisting. She supports my mentally disabled uncle. I now not only have a job, but a REAL job, and at 25 years old I make about 70k a year. My Mom won’t be homeless. At first I wondered what I would do with all this money when I got my new job; now I was given this because God knew I would need to split my income between two households on opposite sides of the country.

    You can do this. You can totally, totally do this. I went through job interviews and they had no clue that I was homeless. I made up an address because I had none to use. That was hard.

    I believe in you. Be careful.

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