Ha! Hello, Mommy Dearest!

Hey mom,

Guess you discovered tGGtH yesterday…  You spent all of an hour on my site, right after someone from Flagstaff (yes, Britt, I’m looking at you) spent a nice chunk of time here too.  Welcome to the madhouse.  Does this mean you’re going to be a regular reader?  Not that I mind, every visit from you just drives up my traffic and reduces my bounce rate.  I’m just saying, the boys in charge might take issue with you “misusing” the internet to read *gasp* opinions outside of the WTBTS and all.

…What, no congratulations on my impending nuptials to a nice slice of smexy English hotness?  ;)


  1. Honey has someone been getting on your case / raining on your parade?

    I hope not as you don’t need the grief and they will have me to answer to …… send them my way ….

    Hope your having fun with your man honey ?


  2. We’re having a blast, thanks :)

    Nah, there’s little that family can do to rain on my parade any more… and to be fair, I suppose they don’t see it in that manner. To them it’s more an opportunity to shake their heads sadly and tell themselves that I must secretly be miserable and don’t know it, because only they as true Christians can be truly happy – everyone else is just destruction waiting to happen.

    Matt told me that England is the most irreligious nation in the world – lucky you, Vicki! Whatever your personal convictions may be, sounds like not too many in your area would hassle you about them :)


  3. I want to move to England! ;-)

    And you get so many bonus points for using the phrase ‘slice of smexy English hotness’. Love it!

  4. B

    Matt is so right and if your family read this maybe they should also know people who “peep in keyholes” never see what they want ………….or anything good about themselves.

    Listen you really are a princess in every sense of the word you have gone through something which would have most people on their knees but you have dignity and been resourceful , your eloquent and you have adapted and overcome but through out maintained a great sense of humour …….

    So instead of your family listening to their “GOD” they should be proud of you as I would be if you were my daughter your amazing ……

    Plus you know you can join us any time in the flames of hell known as the UK – its really a nice place honey ha ha

    Have a fabulous week honey


  5. Hey Caitlin, I know, the metaphor is apt. You’ll see if I can ever get Matt to agree to let me post pics of him on the site. He’s camera-shy. But yeah, not sure where I got it, the right words just came to me ;-P

    Aw, Vicki, you made me all teary-eyed. You are too sweet. I hope I can be worthy of your kind words. I am definitely looking forward to visiting England eventually, I already told Matt we’re totally hitting up you and Biggie on our London stop ;)


  6. well since SHE probably won’t congratulate you, *i* will (again)!!


    i’m so happy for you, and so happy that matt’s with you right now! and fezzik! i know we don’t know each other well, and we don’t speak a lot, but i think of you often and wish you only the best and continued good luck!!

  7. Thanks, Jennifer! :)

  8. JW’s are basically a high control group.

  9. Hey chica…just wanted to let you know that your latest visitor from Flagstaff is me..not your sister. I forget how I discovered your blog last night, but I’ve spent the better part of this evening reading your story. Can’t wait to be able to read the book!

  10. BTw, I love your hair…like you, red is my trademark. Can I ask what color you use? It’s divine!

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