Matt Home, Raising Money, New Homeless Tales Authors!

Matt’s home!!!!!  I’m so excited  :)   At LAX, there were a ton of paparazzi hanging around the international arrival gate – David Beckham was supposedly arriving.  Also, Eric Dane (from “Gray’s Anatomy”) and Rebecca Gayheart (from “Dead Like Me”) got off while I was waiting.  I didn’t recognize them, because they were wearing sunglasses and scarves and things, but jillions of flashbulbs went off and people were following them around.  Then Matt came out and I hurled myself into his arms and it was all very cute-ness, once he figured out that the blurry ball of redhead bouncing at him was me and that I would indeed stop just before knocking him over at full speed.  I am soooooo happy he’s back.

We’re staying in a trailer on the property where Fezzik is being boarded, so that’s exciting.  It’s a farther drive to work for me, but it’s slightly more practical for two people and we get to spend time with Fez.  We have a camera now (not just my crummy, fuzzy, pixelated phone camera) so I will try to post pics and video of Matt, Fez, and the area we’re staying.  Work changed their mind about using Fez in a commercial (this is the third time they have asked me to participate in a commercial and then backed out, so I don’t think I’ll say “yes” next time).  This means I just get to relax and spend time with him now instead of trying to get him to do things for the camera, which is something of a relief.

Spending the next three months fundraising; ideally, we’d like to purchase our house right before Matt has to head back to Scotland (he has to return every 90 days due to visa waiver reasons, and stay for a week or two before returning).  That way I could move in, get things settled and all, and then he could come back the next time to a real, legitimate home for us.  So, my retail site should be going up soon.  Besides my very cool vintage clothing collection, we may also be looking into selling vintage books, as well as the trailer and my car.  So, if you need/want any of these things, they will soon be available.  We are currently building my new website and I’ll post linking to it hopefully sometime this week once I’ve got it a bit more established and polished  :)

Also, I’m very excited about all the discussion going on over at Matt’s site, Homeless Tales.  There are several new authors and comments have really picked up lately.  People are having some really thought-provoking ideas and, even when they don’t agree, some really respectful and healthy debate, which is awesome.  It’s so great to see so many homeless and formerly homeless individuals from such varied backgrounds and perspectives coming up with plans and approaches with which to combat the problem.  Please go check out the new articles there – I was blown away by the depth and preparation that obviously went into each of them.


  1. Dang, I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen a celebrity in person. Apparently Steven (Stephen?) Seagal lives near my city; a friend of mine works at a Blockbuster and he told me that SS came into the store once with giant bodyguards (ha) and rented movies. I’ve heard rumors about other famous people schlepping around Memphis but I haven’t seen any of them.

    I’m so glad for you that Matt’s back in CA! Sad that Fezzik won’t be made a star but he probably prefers life outside the limelight anyway :)

    Definitely let me know when you’re going to start selling your stuff! I want to have a looksie! I love vintage stuff :D (Like I need to buy more crap… oy… haha).

    I did pop over to your guy’s site to peruse a few of the articles but haven’t delved in too deeply yet. It seems like a really well-organized and articulate website, though.

    Happy July! :D

  2. Just wanted to say I love the site and am green with freakin envy that you’re on the West Coast – homeless or no! I keep telling my lovely lady that I don’t give a sh*t whether I have to live in a box and wash cars (again!), I want to GO HOME!
    On a post-related note, I used to live in Incline Village, NV, “where the billionaires are pushing out the millionaires” and saw more stars snubbing us common folk than I care to shake a stick at. It’s funny – in a sickeningly sad and disgusting way – that peeps will take tons of photos of someone who can entertain us, yet won’t spend the time given to dog doo on a shoe to take photos of poverty, miserty and homelessness…..
    Thanks for all your work here and keep fighting the good fight!

  3. Hi Caitlin, will let you know when I start the vintage site. A lot of work goes into this site design thing, apparently ;)

    Hi Steve! I’ll trade with you, haha. We’re getting nervous about staying in Cali, due to the complete financial meltdown here. Any day they’ll be declaring bankruptcy, right?

    Also, I want to thank you so much for linking to me from Stone Soup Station. I know you’re selective with who you link, so I’m honored :)

  4. Happy Holidays Everyone! All the best for the New Year.

  5. keisha warner says:

    Ms. Karp:
    I thoroughly enjoyed your book. Although I am not homeless, I can relate to the emotional pain you share.
    I purchased your book, unaware of your connection to the Jehovah Witnesses. Your explanation of their doctrines/beliefs was in great detail and very helpful; days prior to purchasing your memoir, my ex boyfriend’s mother, who was a JW died. She died as a result of refusing a blood transfusion and sadly no autopasy was performed.

    I personally do not believe in concideneces.

    Do you still consider yourself an atheist?

    I was hoping that you would have made the connection that at every turn, God was protecting you and sending
    people to help you…

    If you are ever in the Washington DC area I would love for you to autograph my book.

    Keisha Warner

    • Brianna says:

      Hi Keisha,

      Thank you for the kind words. I’m so glad you enjoyed the book, though I am sorry to hear about your ex’s mother.

      I would love to autograph your book if I do any signings/readings in D.C. Events are still being booked, and I definitely hope to make it to most of the major metropolitan areas!

      I am still an atheist, but beyond that, I would say I’m a humanist. I believe in being tolerant of others’ beliefs as long as they don’t infringe upon your rights, and being nice and good to people no matter who your god is or what your beliefs are (or lack thereof). It is to that people who helped me along the way that I am most grateful – some were religious, others were atheists like me. I want full credit for their kindness to go to them :)


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