Matt's Coming Home, and Fezzik is a Star :)

Matt’s plane lands approximately 5 hours from now.  I’m stoked!!!!!  This time at the airport I get to hurl myself at him and be all mushy and adorable.  The first time I was too nervous about whether he’d like me as much in person, whether I’d be invading his personal space, etc.  Now I know that all signs are go, so woot!

Also, Fezzik is going to be in a commercial for, which is pretty awesome!  I knew my pooch had star quality  ;)   Actually, he’s just going to be representing the “talented pet” contest they have going on, so it’ll probably be an hour or so of sitting around trying to coax him to actually DO something in front of a camera.  You know dogs, they’ll do everything you tell them to until it actually matters, haha.  I’d better stock up on meat treats this weekend and try to get him to put together simple concepts in his head:

“me + jump through hoop = MEAT!”

“me + stand on hind legs and slobber on Bri’s cheek = omg omg omg MEAT!!!!!!”

“bwahahahahahahhahahaha MEEEEEEEEEEAT!!!!!!!!!  IT’S RAINING MEAT!!!!!!!!!”

So… yeah.  We’ll see how that works.  He’s totally gonna be the most famous Neapolitan Mastiff EVAR.  Not that I can actually think of any other Neapolitan Mastiffs in entertainment.  But I bet there’s one or two out there somewhere.

That’s right, Beethoven!  You ain’t got nothing on my blockheaded dog!  My dog will whip your arse with his superior lumbering skills!  And his laying there and snoring/drooling on command skills!  Hell, yeah!!!!!!!!


  1. P.S. I take it back. The dog who played Fang (Hagrid’s dog) in Harry Potter was a Neo. So Fez will be the SECOND most famous Neo mastiff in show biz ;)

  2. AHH! It’s going to be daaarling! :D His big ol’ smushy face gracing TVs everywhere! Love! Dang it, I don’t guess they’ll be showing as far east as my house D: Laaaame.

    And when I first saw Fang in HP, I was glued to his portion of the screen. They’d cut away and show Hagrid/Harry/whomever, and I was like ‘nooo, bring the adorable dog back!!!’

  3. Yeah, they are adorable. Although, that whole “Fezzik in a commercial” thing apparently went down like a lead balloon with my boss, who did not agree with the production people that it would be full of awesomeness (see latest post). Blegh. He’s apparently not a dog person.

  4. What Walmart did to you truck is no big surprise to me. I lived in my car for a 9 month period two years ago. I had a job, but no place to stay. I parked at my former apartment complex for awhile, but when the police were called to check me out, I moved to Wal-mart’s parking lot for a little while. After about a month or two Walmart called the police to check me out. Apparently it’s ok for people vacationing in the summer to park their R.V.’s there, but they don’t want people “living” in the parking lots. Never mind that I was so much a regular customer that my paychecks may as well have come made out to Wal-Mart. Needless to say, I shop there much less now and avoid it when ever I can.

  5. Whoops I put this under the wrong posting, sorry about that.

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