Photos/Video of Fezzik (per request)

The photos are from when I first got Fezzik (he’s filled out a bit since).  You can click to enlarge them.  The video is at the dog park, before I became homeless.  I filmed it as an update to Karma Rescue, from whom I adopted him.  Sorry for the poor/blurry quality, the video camera on my phone is, as on most phones, über-suck.  And yes, the baby-talk mode into which I lapse in the presence of my ginormous lug of a dog does embarrass me a bit.  But I don’t care.  I luuuuuurve him.

[Edit: Sorry, had to remove video for the time being. Didn't realize that by using a video from my Facebook page, my full name and link to my profile would be shown on the vid. Couldn't figure out how to remove just the name, so had to scrape the whole thing.]


  1. He’s adorable!! :)

  2. Thank you! I know I’m biased, but I like to think so, too ;)

  3. Ok, he is just precious! :D I have weird baby voices for my pets (and my husband! I’m crazy I know) that freak people out. Hell, I sort of have my own weird ‘omigod I love you sooo much I just have to speak in weeeeird ways!’ vocabulary.

    I want to smush Fezzik’s big ol’ lips!

  4. He does have big ol’ jowly lips. And as he gets older they are likely to get flappier and smushier (he’s still technically a puppy, although once he hits 3 years old he should be about adult). Just stand back when he drools – hoo, boy!

    Strangely, I think I sometimes have a special weird voice for Matt as well. I hope I never have to hear myself speak in it on tape ;)

  5. Very nice:)

    Got any nicknames for him? Our dog Derby is known as Derby, D-boy, Doo Doo Butt, Derb, and plain ‘ole D…

  6. Fezzik, Fez, The Fez-ster, Fez Monster, Fuzzy Fezzie, Fuzzy Fezzie Fozzie, Fezziwig

  7. Oh, and Silly Butt. And occasionally Dumb Butt, when he does something particularly well-meaning but boneheaded.

  8. oh wow, he’s so handsome!!!

  9. Why thank you :) I agree!

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