California Meltdown… Should I Be Getting The Hell Out Of Dodge?!

News like this makes me think maybe I’m on a sinking ship and should get the hell out of here before it gets worse… Mind you, there are always “crisis” scares just before everything seems to right itself and sail straight, but something tells me perhaps they’re serious when they’re saying the state government is 50 days away from a complete and total meltdown… what does that mean, anyway?  It doesn’t sound good, that’s for sure.  I’m starting to think perhaps we’ll all go bankrupt and I’ll never get my retroactive EDD benefits after all.  Ever.

Well… fuck.

*hurriedly looks up homes in upstate NY*


  1. Florida ain’t so bad either;) There are A LOT of homes available both for sale and for rent where I’m at…and it’s a very artistic and dog-friendly community…

  2. Jimmie hamilton says:

    i live in upstate ny and trust me you dont wanna be over here

  3. Hi Adam! Never been to Florida, but did live in NC briefly and the South is sooooo muggy. And hurricanes. And… eh. I would really love to live somewhere with snow, though, since it never snows here in SoCal. I love the idea of actual seasons. And also the thought of NYC being within a couple of hours’ drive for the occasional visit. I LOVE NYC.

    Hi Jimmie! Uh-oh, why wouldn’t I want to live there? Spill the gossip! I want everybody’s opinions on this – need to be forearmed with as much info as possible before I make any decisions :) So what sucks about upstate NY, and what’s good about it? And what part of NY are you from? I had been looking at Canajoharie and Elmira as possibilities…


  4. Suzanne says:

    Bri – I have lived in Florida my entire life and love every minute of it – but it IS hot!!!! Also, if you run into problems with Fezzik’s board – I have alot of pet loving friends and we could probably help raise some money!!! Best Wishes!!!!

  5. Shyonna says:

    Hey Bri! If you love the idea of getting the full four seasons you should consider Kentucky. It is a part of the south but I don’t think it’s muggy in Louisville. Plus, the culture is awesome. And there are so many high paying jobs in the medical field here…that just take basic traning. Anywho…wanted to comment on some other things you had mentioned in previous posts. 1. I am really sorry you had a bad experience with the J.W.’s. I grew up in that community and although it is not what I believe now, the people in my congregation were never what you described. My mother is very close with all of her friends from the hall and she never goes anymore. They are all so nice and welcoming to any/everyone. I only wanted to tell you this because I know you are jaded over it and maybe it would help. 2. I really wanted to thank you for writing all of that stuff about women not using themselves to make a profit. I totally agree and I think the way you are handling things is truely inspiring. I give you major props. I am really looking forward to reading more about your life!

  6. Hi Bri -
    I’m an Orange County girl that moved to Kansas (currently living in Shawnee, KS about 30 minutes outside of Kansas City, MO) back in 1999. Your story is amazing, please keep us updated. Keep positive and things will move in your favor. You’ve got smarts and talent – you will succeed in anything you want.

  7. michelle says:

    Hey Bri!

    I just wanted to tell you how inspiring you are! I came across your story on AOL news and came here to check it out. I’ve been mesmerized for over an hour now! =) Yours is now the first blog I’ve ever subscribed to. Oh, and your dog is beautiful. Keep us all posted on his news. I’ve got a soft spot for Neos (have one too) and would do whatever I can to help out so you don’t have to face the prospect of losing each other. Best of luck with everything and thank you for reminding me that when life throws you lemons you can make some pretty damn good lemonade!!

  8. Hi Bri,
    I would suggest buying a home in a place with a low cost of living, such as western PA namely Rossiter or Punxsutawny or Clearfield or Oil City. In some of these places, you can find a home with free gas to your dwelling and possibly well or spring water. West Virginia also has this feature in some areas, but jobs are scarce unless you are in the medical field. Also certain areas of Texas and New York have this feature as well; NY has incredible high state taxes though! Check out this web site:
    If you come to see the area, let me know. I’m presently busy moving to this area as we recently bought a small farmette. I’m excited because I’ll finally be living in the country and my dog has room to roam!

  9. Hey!

    I’ve been reading through your entire blog, and your articles are really impressive and engaging.

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  10. Thank you to everyone for your suggestions and comments. If we were to move to another state, these would be what we are looking for in an area:

    1) Open-mindedness
    2) Low cost of living
    3) Less-than-terrible employment rate (or at least, higher than California)
    4) Seasons (I would love to live somewhere that it snows occasionally! You don’t get that here)
    5) A fair amount of natural beauty around (trees, rivers, lakes, natural parks, etc.)
    6) No muggy heat, if we can avoid it (guess that cuts out most of the South – sorry!) :(
    7) Older buildings with cool architecture/history – we’re both lovers of antiques and architecture, and in California all of the “historic” buildings are only as old as the 1920s. Blegh.

    So yeah, we’re mostly interested in what’s in the Northeast, but not terribly picky at the moment. It’s all speculation right now anyway, seeing as we would still need to save up enough money to get a house, marry, get Matt over here for good, etc.

    And hi, J.D.! Thank you for the compliment. I’ve browsed your site some and contacted you via PM.


  11. I just found your blog this evening, it’s so interesting I had to go back and read it from the start… It’s a coincidence that you posted this on the 16th… I was in Orange County that day talking to principals about teaching out there (I am a teacher from Florida who is looking for something new) and every single person I talked to advised me NOT to move to CA, to try another state, try another profession, that finding work in CA was out of the question. (I haven’t been able to find a job here either, have moved back in with my mom, and am a substitute teacher instead of getting a classroom…) I just wanted to wish you good luck with everything :) I’m off to catch up with the rest of your story!!


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