Interview Finally Posted!!! Also, Ingrid and General Direction of tGGtH

Well, I’m only three days late with it, but FINALLY figured out how to post the CBC interview with Jennifer Westaway:

I sound very nervous and am talking about a mile a minute, haha.  I got some super sweet comments from Canadian readers, and now I have to set about answering all of them (I like to personally respond to everybody)!  So, if you’ve left me a comment at any point this last week, I’ll have probably responded to it by tonight.  Really.  I swear.

Things have been a tiny bit crazy, there may be problems getting the house and I may need to come up with about $10K more than I currently have, within the next two months, in order to get it.  This means that I will need to look into selling the few remaining possessions that I have, including my antique 1934 baby grand piano, Ingrid… I dumped much of my furniture at a thrift store, but put her and a few other items in storage when this thing began.  I used to think that she would be the one thing I would never be willing to sell, and it breaks my heart to make the decision, but this is my dream house and I need to really take a serious look at what is most important to me and my long-term happiness.  I suppose I could always find another piano… but houses like my Victorian simply don’t exist around here, and I really am head-over-heels in love with it.  At the same time, I could get another piano but not another Ingrid; musical instruments have a sort of life and personality to them and I will miss her terribly.  I imagine she’s quite disappointed at being stored in pieces in the dark for the past few months, and will be even more disappointed that I’ll never play her again.  Or perhaps it’s just anthropomorphization.  In any event, I probably won’t make much off her (nobody is buying pianos at the moment; instruments that would have cost thousands a couple of years ago are going for mere hundreds or even being given away for free on Craigslist now).  I have a few other things that I suppose can go – a book collection of thousands of books (which also breaks my heart) and several hundred DVDs – it may be well over a thousand now, I didn’t really keep track when I was collecting them.  I used to work for Blockbuster Video, can you tell?  In any case, not very good resale value, but perhaps it’ll be something.  I also have the Dodge Ram that I inherited from Bill when he committed suicide.  It’s about 10 years old, and only worth about $2500 max, but it’s something.  It’s currently hooked up to the trailer, but perhaps if I eventually find a month-to-month rooming situation that works to my satisfaction, I can sell it.  I also have a fair amount of vintage clothing left, which I used to sell a lot of, so I’m thinking of starting to sell off the nicest pieces.  Still, not much of a resale market for vintage with this economy, but I’ll do whatever I can.  I will NOT lose this house.  I CANNOT.

I’m also gonna have to take a hard look and figure out exactly where I want to take tGGtH at this point.  I feel like I’ve veered off the original intent, which was survival tips and advice and resources.  I seem to be posting more and more personal stories about my daily life, which I’m not ENTIRELY averse to, but somehow I feel like perhaps I might eventually come off as whining about my life, when the original intent of the blog was to help others.  So I may want to start including more topical/homeless news/tips/links to resources type postings.  Thoughts or impressions?  What I want most out of this thing is to help others even in a small way, and also do my part to put the issue on the map.

Also, just curious… any of you guys think I could ever pass as an advice columnist?  The idea recently came to my attention and I find it somewhat intriguing, although unsure as to whether I may be the type.

Onwards I forage – to the comments!!!!!!  :)


  1. Hi B,
    Sorry to hear about the obstacle course you’re having to navigate trying to buy that house… still, I’ll keep my fingers crossed that things will somehow work out for you…

    Also, I’ve yet to be able to listen to your interview. Have tried loading the page in three different browsers and can’t get it to play… don’t know why… :-(

  2. Hi Michael,

    Well, it wasn’t going to be an issue, but Dwight kind of got cold feet after we had some problems with our first mortgage broker (kind of a shady dude) and ended up backing out, which is totally fine and understandable and we’re still good buddies and I don’t blame him.

    Unfortunately, it puts me in the unenviable position of trying to qualify by myself – which I would, on my income, if I didn’t have a bit of back debt from when I was a teen. So I basically have to pay off a lump sum of that to get my credit where it needs to be, over the next two months. If I can somehow do that, they will give me the mortgage and I will get the house.

    So yeah, it sucks, but if I can pull it off, the house will be 100% mine, which is ideal! (Well, mine but also someone’s with whom I may very soon be sharing it… but that’s a very tantalizing little secret I’m keeping mostly under wraps for now ;) )

    Grah on the audio, I will get to work on it! Thanks for e-mailing me the problem!

  3. Hey Michael,

    Yay!!! I used the code you sent me and it works so much better! Thank you again sooooooo much!


  4. I feel the same way with my blog…I haven’t had any news lately so I feel like every time I post something it’s either boring or just me whining. *sigh* Maybe I should just think long and hard…. :P But what you want to do with tGGtH sounds interesting. :D

  5. Hi, B. I came across your video interview when I was doing some research on homeless issues. (I’m involved in a grassroots group trying to get a shelter off the ground.) And I have been following your story ever since. I live in Orange County, so your tale has a more personal touch, too. I like your blog with the personal stuff. It never comes off whiny and your day-to-day issues show just one more side of homelessness — too many people have one sterotypical view of homeless people. You are a good writer, too. I think you could do the advice column thing. Also, don’t sell the piano. You will need it in your new home. I suppose if it comes down just needing a that last bit of money and the piano sale will do it, it would be hard to keep it. But as you point out, you will get practically nothing for it. I say save the music. Too bad there is no other way for you to structure payment on your credit debt (or whatever terminology is correct). But keeping writing — I know your story will have a good ending!

  6. Jessica Terrell says:


    I am an editor for the Daily Titan Newspaper at Cal State Fullerton. I stumbled across your site by accident, but would love to chat with you. I can be reached via email, or at 562 208 8257.

    Hope to talk to you soon.


  7. Do you know something weird someone went on my blog and said that was an awesome interview I did on CBC and I was like what. and it was only until I clicked here that I realise the major fail the person did.

    Thanks for linking to me btw.

  8. Hi Blinky, I NEVER think your blog is boring or whiny!!!!! You’re a fantastic writer.

    Hey Diane, I’m hoping not to have to sell Ingrid. But not only my new home may depend upon it, but I also am trying to get a shelter of sorts off the ground (“my” house is huge, and I could easily take on a couple of homeless women or children at a time in it, so I’d like to look into starting a nonprofit). It’s going to be a crazy couple of weeks/months, I know that much. Thanks for following and for the encouragement!

    Hi Jessica, I will e-mail you privately regarding your offer. Thanks for your interest!

    Hey Homeless Girl!!! Thanks for the heads up on the mistake, I dropped by your blog and saw it was a TV offer from Canada, whoa, craziness! Yeah, I found you on Homeless Tales, you’re linked there. Hope things improve for you!


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