Fezzik Re-Boarded, Radio Interview Info, and Thank-You's.

Fezzik has been boarded at a VERY affordable rate at a ranch in Norco, thanks to the power of Twitter.  Sage is the nice lady boarding him, and he seems super happy to be there.  I miss him terribly but it’s good to know that I can visit any time.  Also found out:  he WILL chase chickens.  And horses (but only if they run).  You’d think a few well-aimed kicks in the general region of his head would dissuade him, but nooooooo.  He came running to me whining for about a second and a half before deciding to see if his next attempt would go any better.

…Idiot dog.

I want to thank everyone on Twitter involved in helping me find a solution for Fezzik.  So, thanks to @ChiqueLife, @dailypatricia, and @SewChick for schilling on my behalf!!!!!  I can’t tell you guys how much I appreciate it, and how grateful I am that you would work so hard to help a complete stranger like myself.  Please check out these awesome women and their respective websites below:




And super extra thanks to Sage at http://www.sagency.net/, not only for agreeing to board and care for Fezzik long-term while I work on buying the house, but for showing me around the ranch, making me feel at ease, welcoming me to visit any time, and calling/e-mailing me regularly with updates.  I feel so safe and secure that he is in good hands and enjoying himself!!!

As far as the radio interview with Jennifer Westaway goes, it is being broadcast Easter Monday, April 13th (today!)  It is going to be a 3 1/2 minute segment on their national radio news, “The World at Six”.  It starts being broadcast at 6:00 p.m. from the Atlantic region; earliest you could hear it streaming would be at 2:00 p.m. our time at http://www.cbc.ca.radio/.  Probably better, though, would be to download it as an mp3 and then you can scroll along to find the item without having to listen to the entire show to hear it.  You can do this in the afternoon/evening here:  http://www.cbc.ca/w6/

So… yep.  Here we go again!  She said they’re going to mention the name of my blog on the air, let’s see how high the Canadian traffic spikes!  I love Canada!

Ooh, got my tax return, too.  Woohoo for extra money!!!  Although, can someone please explain to me… my income tripled from 2007 to 2008 (this is before I was laid off, obviously).  Yet I got only about half the amount of refund this year as I did in 2007.  How does one earn MORE money and get LESS back?!  *confused*  H&R Block guy tried to explain it to me, but failed miserably.  Ah, well.  Anything is helpful at this point.



  1. Heard you on CBC a few minutes ago.

    I once owned a house on Mulock, a stone’s throw from Brad Street and used the public storage a few doors down, so in a metaphysical way, we’re neighbours.

    Here’s to sending you out some love and Prayers from Toronto.

    ~ HiMY! ~

  2. Hi B,

    I heard your interview on CBC and I just had to send you a quick note and big HI from Canada.
    Congratulations on your job and I’m sorry you had to board your dog.
    We have relatives in California (San Francisco area). I live about 1 hour from Toronto, Ontario and 1 hour from Niagara Falls.
    I’d love to talk to you, since our company is rapidly expanding across North America and looking for serial entrepreneurs like you. You can leave me a voice mail at 1-888-558-3129 with your contact info or send me an e-mail. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

    Sarolta Dyck

  3. Christina Cameron says:

    Hi Bri!

    Well, needless to say I found out about you on CBC Radio (love that station ! ) , I’m 23 years old, I just thought I’d let you know that I went through a very similar situation as yours (though I didn’t have a huge dog!). I ended up living in a stationary motorhome (it wasn’t running), for 4 loooong years on the North Shore of Vancouver. I wish I would have thought to start a blog, hiihi. Keep up the good attitude, I wish I was in your area, I would have loved to meet up with you, and hell, if I were in your area, you could have stayed with me. All the luck to you, you’re not alone :) If you have Facebook, feel free to look me up – Christina Cameron.

    Sending you tonz of luv sista :P

  4. Wow, I just heard YOU on CBC our national broadcaster and my personal fav, no commercials!

    You sounded a bit stressed but also very intelligent, composed and clear headed, I hope you’re OK and safe.

    You did the interview really well BTW.

    Congrats on the new job!! Our dogs Maggie and Jack send their love to Fezzik and you. They also recommend a lovely pork sirloin fillet for Fezzik’s treat, when you can.

    They’re out running around their own personal motocross track in the orchard right now. The one they designed and built ‘without’ our permission but it’s cool and they ARE fun to watch! No kidding, they got straightaways, banked turns and a figure 8. Crazy speed freakin’ doggies.

    I’m watching the sun go down right now, same as you, only North on BC coast. My two daughters are here nearby, almost exactly same age as you.
    If you feel like it, now that Fezzik is safely boarded, let us know who didn’t look after your dog properly. They’ll get the message for sure. Can’t comment on the tax issue, sorry. Anyway take care of yourself sweetheart.(fatherly tone)

    Love from Canada, with puppy cuddles and kisses from Maggie and Jack.

    Your bangs looks good :) BTW. My girls cut their own hair once, one was 3 the other 5, that was funny! Punk babies!


  5. good news for Fezzik! and you!

    ugh, the tax thing is such a joke. basically (i’m assuming– because this happened to me, too) because you were bumped into a higher tax bracket, you had to pay more in taxes, but they take out roughly the same amount, so you get less back. it’s frustrating and annoying. i mean, if you’re making $250k or whatever, i suppose it makes more sense, but for those of us squeaking by… it’s not so great.

    rooting for you from michigan,

  6. Stephanie says:

    Hi from Victoria, BC!

    I was made homeless last summer after a fire destroyed the building I lived in. The rental market here is very tight and it was even harder trying to find a place I could afford AND would allow my cats, so I ended up living for several months in a sleazy motel in an industrial neighbourhood where the hookers work.

    One thing that made the experience even worse was that 2 weeks after the fire, all that stress made my appendix burst and I had to spend a week in the hospital on intravenous antibiotics. However, I was keenly aware and very grateful for the Canadian health system so I didn’t have any medical bills adding to the stress.

  7. Greetings from the Great White North.
    I did the homeless thing off and on for about five years. I worked in a fishing town where accomadations were pretty much nonexistent. I really did enjoy camping in the bush. I would sneak into showers at the camps when I could. Nobody knew I was tenting. Like you say: Fly under the radar!
    For me, living in a van was kind of a step up: drier. I couldn’t cook that easily, though.
    I’m glad to hear that you were able to find a job. When you fall down, it is very hard to get up. Some people are completely ignorant, but you do find special people that give you a hand. I had great faith in humankind. I trusted that when I needed something, the right person would be there.
    Be strong. Appreciate the small things in life. Give back every chance you get.
    Wishing you well.

  8. Great news about Fezzik, the interview, and all those who are extending assistance!

    p.s. The tax thang happened to me this year. I have always received a refund, but this year had to pay…yuck:(

    Take care!

  9. Heard your interview on cbc on the way to bridge yesteday. Congatulations on the job and hope you get back together with your dog very soon.

  10. Hi ~B~!

    I just wanted to leave a comment since I’ve been immersed in your blog for the past hour or so, hehe. I found it via some website that I StumbledUpon (brain refuses to remember the website at the moment, grr) and I’ve gotten sucked into your world! You’re an excellent writer and I’ve really enjoyed reading about your experiences. Fezzik is a doll! I love Neapolitan mastiffs :) And you looked perfectly fine in your interview video (I love your hair!).

    I’m actually 24 myself (though a few months older) and so I feel a sense of camaraderie with you that I might not have felt with a blogger 5 or 10 years older than me. Your experiences could just as easily be MY experiences, and this has given your little slice of cyberspace a warm cottage in my heart. Hooray! :D

    Anyway, I guess I’m sort of condensing down the comments I’ve been wanting to leave over a couple months worth of entries into one giant comment…. I just wanted to say hello and let you know that my thoughts are with you, rooting for you and your future! I hope to continue reading more about you :)

    Take care!


  11. OK, this is the part where I try to respond to everyone!!!!!

    HiMY, hello! That’s so cool, what a crazy coincidence, we ARE kinda metaphysical neighbors ;) I miss that Brad Street house so much, and walking to the public library, and taking the subway to the museum, and so many things about Toronto!

    Hi Sarolta, thanks so much for the congrats and well-wishes! i’ve always wanted to see San Francisco but haven’t gotten ’round to it yet. Dunno about taking on another job though, haha! I’m so swamped at the moment, I’m having the worst time even updating my blog!!!!

    Yo Christina, wow, that sounds like such a crazy ordeal! 4 YEARS!!!!!!! And what am I whining about?! lol. I wish you had started a blog about it, I would have loved to read it – bet you have all sorts of unbelievable stories about that time in your life. tGGtH is not on Facebook yet, although I should probably get cracking on that, haha!

    Hmmmer, thanks for the kudos and well-wishes and fatherly support! I WAS very stressed and nervous, and talking very quickly – although I never realize it until I hear myself recorded! Wow, you have an orchard! You’re so lucky! Fezzik is definitely getting lots of steaks right now where he’s boarded – he won’t want to come home with me if we get the house! Say hi to the daughters and the crazy dogs for me ;)

    Hi Stephanie, thanks for commenting and sharing a bit of your own experiences with homelessness! That’s terrible, everything you had to go through. You are right about the universal health care, though, right about now I wish I lived in Canada, that’s for sure! I have no health insurance at the moment, work won’t start covering it for another month or two (probationary period). The health care system in the U.S. is whacked beyond belief. Wonder if we’ll ever get round to going universal.

    Greetings, Dwayne!!! I’ve heard you can cook on your car radiator (there’s even a book floating around out there about it) but I’ve never actually tried. In the middle of suburbia it may be a mite conspicuous, lol. You are right about experiencing the general good-at-heart-edness of humankind. Just when you start losing faith, someone shows up out of the blue and will do something awesome for you that you never expected, and restore it. And of course, it’s all about giving back, karma, the golden rule, paying it forward, whatever you call it.

    Hey, Adam! I know, doesn’t it suck?! I don’t quite get it, I think the IRS is trying to majorly screw us over.

    Thanks, Tony!!! Fezzik is being boarded at a ranch right now with a great lady who is feeding and exercising and even working with him to help improve his training (some of which I had done, but was starting to fade after two weeks in a crummy kennel). I appreciate the support!

    Hello, Caitlin! Wow, thanks so much for the kind words. Hehe, “warm cottage in your heart”, I love it! Also love the blog, you and your hubby are too, too adorable for words. I want to put you in my pocket and keep you, lol. And I see you love vintage stuff like me! I was part of a swing dancing troupe for many years, and I loooooove all things vintage and old. In fact, gonna be selling off much of my vintage clothing soon it’s looking like (le sigh). In any case, thanks for rooting for me and I’ll be following your blog, you’ve a fantastic and very funny writer yourself!

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