Fezzik and House Buying

Fezzik is boarded. It was difficult, not sure how big a fan of the boarding facility I am. I want to come and take him to the dog park on weekends (since they don’t allow their canine boarders to play together). They said that I can, but they “discourage” it because I’ll “depress” him… wtf?!?!?! So you’re telling me I should go without seeing my dog for a really long time?!?! That he shouldn’t be able to run and play at the park?! Screw that, he’s hanging out at the park with me on the weekends. Seriously, I’m not sure how much better this boarding thing can be for him, sounds like he’ll be getting less exercise and less interaction with other animals.  Plegh.

They slipped a flimsy little lead over his neck to take him back to the room. I offered her his Halti nose lead, since he’s used to it and it keeps him awesomely under control, just a little tug and he’s putty in your hands, since like all dogs, he follows the direction of his nose. She said no and took it off and took him back.

I signed the last form and turned to leave. All of a sudden, commotion, and then Fezzik comes HURTLING out from the back rooms DRAGGING this hapless woman behind him, trying to follow me. He did NOT want me to leave him, he is just such a velcro dog and wants to be near me whenever I’m in the room.

She took the Halti after that and he went along meekly. I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry.

* * * * *

House buying info (largely a copy-paste of a reply to a comment on my last post, since I’m lazy, haha): Dwight and I have completed our loan application, and are supposed to receive our prequalifying letter this week, upon which we can make an offer to the bank, woohoo!!!!!

Hopefully they will accept quickly, although there may be a counteroffer negotiation process. Closing will need to be scheduled for at least 75 days out. Short sales can take up to 6 months to process, I’m crossing my fingers for a quick and easy 75 days.

I am hoping to rent the cheapest month-to-month apartment I can find, as soon as I know the situation with the house offer. Due to the low price of the home, my mortgage will actually be lower than an apartment payment, plus I will have to expend a bit on down payment/closing costs. As a first-time homebuyer, I am apparently entitled to request a 6% seller credit from the purchase price to cover much of the down payment/closing closts, so much of these fees will be covered; however, I am trying to retain as much savings as possible in the meantime as a cushion in case there are still some fees I have to come up with.

Overall, it’s one of those “wait and see” situations. I also need to find an apartment that will allow large dogs, which can be tough in the area (especially on a month-to-month basis, most landlords are looking for a longer-term commitment). Depending upon these factors, I may be able to squeak into an apartment, or I may have to wait until closing on the house.

Either way, I am soooooooo completely stoked about it. Here’s some photos of the house, via GoogleEarth. As you can see, it’s quite ginormous, and very old (1904 Victorian). From the pics, I’m sure you can tell it’s a bit of a fixer-upper… one or two windows have been broken and boarded up, and will need to be replaced, and there’s a fair amount of stuff in the backyard that I’m hoping the current owners remove when they leave. And I would love to paint it a new color. But the bones of the house are fantastic… isn’t it beautiful? Just so much character. I can’t have a new house; I love things old, with history behind them; I just want to jump in and start making it mine. All those little nooks and crannies and discoveries waiting to be made. I especially love the octagonal room on the side – I want it to be my room. There are about 8 bedrooms right now, but I’ll probably want to scale that back a bit (although I want as many as possible, if I turn it into a halfway house for homeless women/children like I was considering). You can’t see, but there’s also a ginormous garage behind that’s been converted into a guest house. And a basement and an attic – you never get that stuff in Orange County, especially no basements!!! First thing, though, I’m getting rid of the plastic kids’ swing set (I don’t have kids, and if I did, I’d find a nicer set, haha). So… yeah. There you go. A little window into my head and what I love and what makes me tick.


  1. I’m saddened that you’ve had to board your beloved canine companion… although, having read your previous posts I can understand the reasons.Continuing to wish the best for you as you work toward transitioning back into the community.The house is a beauty. Hope that all goes smoothly so that you and Fezzik will soon have a place to call home.*keeping fingers crossed*

  2. Love the house and will keep everything crossed for you.So sorry about your dog but I’m sure when your together it will have been worth it xxHave a great week..

  3. pinkpackrat says:

    Fezzik is gonna love that back yard–the house is beautiful– hope you get it. Keep us posted and good luck:-)

  4. Love your new (virtual) digs and the dreamhouse looks wonderful, too. Let’s just hope the application will go through smoothly and you’ll be out of your situation soon! *fingers crossed*

  5. Sad news and good news, sending positive vibes your way:)

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