Actual Sequence of Events

~I sit at Starbucks all morning waiting for someone to get my frantic e-mails.
~Dwight gets on gtalk around 1:00 p.m. and I fill him in.
~Dwight calls the gas station again for me to see if my phone has been turned in. No dice.
~Dwight comes to Starbucks to take me to Sprint to replace my phone.
~On a whim, we use his cell call my phone to see if the dirty bastard who stole it will answer.
~Aishwarya picks up on the other end of the line.
~General confusion ensues.

What happened was this: some nice guy (Richard) found my phone at the gas station restroom and was apparently answering all the incoming calls to see if I would call. Aishwarya didn’t hear from me in the morning like she was supposed to, started worrying, and called. Nice stranger Richard answered and explained what happened. He then proceeded to meet her at a local movie theatre and give her the phone.

Aishwarya still had no way to find me – she hadn’t checked her e-mail yet – so she went on to a barbeque with some friends, at which point Dwight and I called, and were very confused to hear her voice on the line.

So – yay!!! All worked out well.

Dwight took me to the Wal-Mart parking lot, at which point P. came out of his RV and mentioned that he had also called my cell, and the same Richard guy had picked up. He had left a note on my dashboard with the guy’s phone number.

I drove back to Starbucks, and Aishwarya met me there in a few hours after her barbeque was done, and gave me my phone and Richard’s phone number. So now I need to call and thank him so, so very much.

The other new development is that starting tomorrow I am going to board Fezzik. The Sam’s Club parking lot is not particularly safe at all (P. mentioned that he had sent another RV-er out there to drive by and see if I made it there OK, and they had seen the jillion random men hanging around my trailer, and were concerned). Wal-Mart is in a much safer neighborhood and the other members of my little RV community are around to watch out for me (I’m actually really touched that they cared enough to drive by Sam’s Club). Anyway, P. told me to come back to Wal-Mart after a day or so and just try to leave every couple of days for a few hours, and then come back and park elsewhere. However, now I’m paranoid about Fezzik attracting attention, so I am going to board him. Dwight has been super-kind enough to front me the money for one month of boarding, for which I am eternally grateful. This way, Fez doesn’t have to be confined all day while I’m at work, and he’ll get to play with other dogs and have people loving up on him, but he can still come home with me when this is all said and done.

Sigh. It will stretch things a bit, but Fezzik is worth it.

Also, I want to give a shoutout to Matt from Homeless Tales, who made the front page of Digg TWICE in two days!!!!! How awesome is that? I say, pretty awesome.

Also, thanks to Danny from Take Part – Jon (Beat on the Street) from Street Seen alerted me to your post on me. Thanks so much for the boost, and for thinking I have something to say. I saw that you guys are linked up with the movie “the Soloist”, and that’s so freaking cool. I just bought that book a few days ago, can’t wait to read it, and for the film.

Anyway – don’t worry everybody, I’m OK! :)


  1. Blinky St. James says:

    Good to hear! I know how good it feels when stuff works out, even if the bigger problems are still there. It’s a relief!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Just found your blog. I’ll be back to read more.Take care,

  3. Just found your blog from I really enjoy reading it… I used to be homeless in NOLA. I wish you the best, and if you ever need someone to talk to, I’m here… On a sidenote, some of the best friends I have today are people I met when I was homeless. I am thankful for my time out there, because it gave me the gift of seeing beyond the stereotypical homeless behavior people think about when they think “HOMELESS” and seeing people– Amazing, Intriguing people. I’ll be reading about your journey!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Brianna, I just saw your interview at Invisible people and I have a question. It may be a stupid question or ignorant one…you said you have a couple of friends only that know about your situation…can’t they give you temporary shelter? a sleeping bag on their living room? I always thought that homeless meant someone that did not have anyone due to mental illness or drug/ alcohol problems. I am sorry for the ignorant question but it doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. :( I am sorry for your situation. Tereza

  5. Thanks, Blinky!Hi Amy and Jen – thanks so much for reading! I know what you mean, Jen. I’m meeting some amazing people on this journey that are becoming fast friends, and I wouldn’t trade them for the world.Hey Tereza, that’s not a stupid question at all. It’s always better to ask questions than to make snap judgments without knowing circumstances, and I commend you on it :) I’m a big fan of questions.My two friends aren’t in the greatest of circumstances to take on a houseguest – one still lives with her (somewhat strict, traditional) parents and the other rents from roommates and would not be in much of a position to invite me into their townhouse.Besides that, there’s also the matter of my dog, Fezzik. I decided this week to board him, for the convenience of my fellow parking lot homeless, but obviously it’s kind of difficult to ask friends to take me and a giant breed Mastiff in as well :) Beyond that, I’m very sensitive about the idea of overburdening my friends and wearing out my welcome, so I simply chose not to. I don’t have any family that would be a healthy choice to stay with (drug/alcohol abuse and mental illness run rampant in my immediate family), so I am currently better off living as I am until I can purchase my house and get off the streets.I hope that answered your question some :) Please let me know if there’s any more answers I can give you!~B~

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hi,I’ve been following your ‘homeless journey’ for a while, and I find it very interesting.I wanted to ask you about your dream house. Are you still planning on buying it with your friend?Why haven’t you rented an apartment/room for the time being? Are you planning on remaining homeless until you have enough money to buy a house?

  7. Kaye Porter says:

    Hey B,I just wanted to let you know I nominated you for the Sisterhood Award. Even though I don’t comment much, I continue to be inspired by your courage and honesty as you share a window to your journey. Also, I love that you demonstrate that homelessness doesn’t mean you’re some psycho bum, it happens to real people too.Keep your chin up! you.Kaye

  8. Hi Anonymous,You beat me to it! I was going to post a blog about that today (still probably will, anyway) but here’s the rundown:Completed loan application on Monday, am supposed to receive my prequalifying letter this week, upon which we can make an offer to the bank, woohoo!!!!!Hopefully they will accept quickly, although there may be a counteroffer negotiation process. Closing will need to be scheduled for at least 75 days out. Short sales can take up to 6 months to process, I’m crossing my fingers for a quick and easy 75 days.I am hoping to rent the cheapest month-to-month apartment I can find, as soon as I know the situation with the house offer. Due to the low price of the home, my mortgage will actually be lower than an apartment payment, plus I will have to expend a bit on down payment/closing costs. As a first-time homebuyer, I am apparently entitled to request a 6% seller credit from the purchase price to cover much of the down payment/closing closts, so much of these fees will be covered; however, I am trying to retain as much savings as possible in the meantime as a cushion in case there are still some fees I have to come up with.Overall, it’s one of those “wait and see situations”. I also need to find an apartment that will allow large dogs, which can be tough in the area (especially on a month-to-month basis, most landlords are looking for a longer-term commitment). Depending upon these factors, I may be able to squeak into an apartment, or I may have to wait until closing on the house.Either way, I am soooooooo completely stoked about it. I’m hoping to find photos of the house via GoogleEarth and post them on tonight’s blog :)

  9. Hey Kaye,Wow, thanks so much!!! I’m a big fan of the “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” series, by the way, so I’m honored!I will head over to the Women’s Blogger Directory and attempt to return the favor to you :) I am so happy and humbled to hear that you find some inspiration here.Thank you,~B~

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