Quickie: L.A. Times Writer Andrew Malcolm Clearly Quite Uninformed

This article makes my blood boil. You may wonder why, since it seems pretty straightforward until you read the last 3 lines:

Michelle Obama serves food to D.C. poor and homeless, but…

What a jerk. I want to know, Mr. Malcolm – exactly what is so “bothersome” about a homeless man scraping up some resources for himself, resources which are clearly quite useful as a means to get himself back on his feet? A cell phone costs far less than an apartment. Or perhaps this is even a resource which he had prior to becoming homeless – did you ever consider the possibility that he is a casualty of the hot economic mess that Bush landed us in? What exactly is he supposed to do, sell off any and all useful possessions upon losing his home, so that he can fit into your definition of poverty?

Would you like him better if he was dirtier, hungrier, perhaps mumbling to himself or pushing a shopping cart down the street full of random odds and ends?

How dare he own a cell phone, the better with which to receive job offers, or to dial 9-1-1 should he be endangered?!

*shakes head*

Some of the reader comments on the story infuriate me just as much – one reader even stated that the phone must be stolen! Unbelievable.


  1. michael says:

    I, also, read Malcolm’s “article” – and a ridiculous piece of pseudo-journalism it was. His lack of understanding is surpassed only by that of Michelle Malkin.It’s sad that both of them draw readership by attacking those who are the most vulnerable of the nation’s citizenry, while hiding behind the guise of “journalists.”

  2. Hi Michael!I want to thank you so much for commenting, it’s great to know that there are people out there reading.I read Michelle Malkin’s article on the photo, as well. Sick.I suppose the homeless are only deserving of assistance as long as they stay in their place – wouldn’t want them actually making progress, or anything. According to these “journalists”, I’m probably some kind of princess – I have a cell phone, a car, and a laptop, too! Doesn’t matter that I have to sneak showers in college locker rooms, how could I be impoverished? I’m sooooo well off! :) Just another distraction from the actual issues, I suppose.

  3. michael says:

    ~B~You’re welcome… I found your blog about a week ago and added it to my ever growing list of RSS feeds. Good writing. Keep it up. As time progresses, I expect that your readership will grow.Also – I am keeping my fingers crossed RE the interview you had just recently. Hopefully, it will be the starting point to help you transition back into the mainstream community.P.S. – give your pooch a nice scratch behind the ears and a tummy rub from me.- michael -

  4. Thank you, I will pass on the belly rub to Fezzik (he is a fan of such things, so he will appreciate it). I love your blog; I see that you posted on the cell phone article as well!Nothing on the recent interview, but I was called today for another interview on Monday that sounds far more promising, so I will be hoping for the best on that.

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